Focusing on today’s drama while keeping an eye on the horizon is tough for small businesses. Christians in the marketplace need advice and encouragement to help them steward their businesses.


Join us on September 11th as we tackle the topics of sustainability and strategy in a small business. Whether you are an independent agent, a new start-up, a family operation, or a solopreneur, we invite you to attend our first-ever Small Biz Workshop 1.0.


At this event, you will hear from dynamic, seasoned leaders that speak from experience and expertise.  You will meet other Christian small business leaders that are looking for networking relationships and advice. And you will have opportunities to not only listen but also apply what you learn.


Date:   September 11, 2021
Time:   8:30 AM-2:30 PM
Cost:   $50 per person/$80 per couple if registered by August 1.



Saturday, September 11, 2021

8:30 AM    Registration/Continental Breakfast
9:15 AM    Welcome and Introductions
9:30 AM    Keynote Speaker: Paul Nichols, Upstate Granite
10:15 AM   Breakout Sessions
10:40 AM   Takeaways
10:50 AM   Break/Refreshments/Networking
11:10 AM   Keynote Speaker: Jared Baldwin, Organizational Leadership Chair, FBBC
11:45 AM   Breakout Sessions
12:10 PM   Takeaways
12:20 PM   Lunch (Chick-fil-A)
12:45 PM   Keynote Speaker: Terry Wild, CFA Capital
1:30 PM    Panel Discussion
2:15 PM    Wrap Up



Jared Baldwin

Jared Baldwin is the founder and current chair of the Organizational Leadership program at Faith Baptist Bible College. He is an Air Force veteran, a former businessman, and a pastor for 17 years. He spent fifteen years in pastoral leadership at Harvest Ministries in Guam, where he became Executive Pastor in Harvest’s multi-faceted, 10 million dollar ministry with over 100 full-time employees. Jared has a Masters in Pastoral Studies and a Masters in Organizational Leadership and has served on multiple boards.

Paul Nichols

Paul Nichols, an entrepreneur at heart, started his own granite and stone fabrication company after medically retiring from the military in 2014.

When Paul enlisted in the U.S. Army, he planned to become a military chaplain after finishing his master’s degree. Despite these ambitions, God had other plans.  After breaking both legs and going through seven surgeries, he was asked to hang up his uniform. Paul traveled with his wife, who was 9 months pregnant at the time, across the country back to his South Carolina roots. He found himself in a new phase of life with a new family and no job. He was uncertain how to make a living, so he got resourceful, rolling up his sleeves and picking up odd jobs to make ends meet while looking for a permanent solution.

The answer came after purchasing a foreclosed home in need of repair. He experienced poor customer service and inconsistent pricing while shopping for countertops. This frustration led Paul to take advantage of the situation. He bought some full slabs of granite from a company that was going out of business. He learned how to cut and began fabricating them on his back porch. He developed a love for stone and channeled his desire to help people into a business that offers a red-carpet experience for those seeking a solution for their countertops.

Upstate Granite Solutions employs 40 people and has a state-of-the-art facility with CNC/waterjet machines. They install over 30 projects per week. Once hoping to be military chaplain, Paul transformed himself into a successful businessman six years later leading a premiere granite and stone fabrication company in South Carolina.