Jacob and Sydni Kirkwood

Traveling Representatives, Admissions Counselors

Jacob Kirkwood

Why did you choose FBBC?

My campus visit experience.

Advice to Incoming Students

Come in humble and stay in the Word.

Favorite Hobbies

I enjoy powerlifting, reading, and martial arts.

Most Memorable Faith Experience

2019 Track and Field National Championships with my coach Jordan Sauser.

Favorite College Class

My favorite college class was Homiletics.

Extracurricular Activities as a Student

I was involved in Track and Field, as well as the Student Association.

Sydni Kirkwood

Why did you choose FBBC?

I chose FBBC because I knew I needed to grow in my understanding of God and His Word by being immersed in it for four years. I also knew that I wasn’t spiritually mature enough to handle the temptations of a secular university (though I probably wouldn’t have said it in those terms in high school).

Advice to Incoming Students

You will hear this a lot on campus because it is important: Don’t neglect your personal time in the Word. All of the good things you can do and learn during college will be affected if you don’t take the time to make sure your heart and mind are set on honoring God instead of your own desires. That being said, enjoy your time here by making relationships with teammates, suitemates, classmates, and especially the staff and faculty (and their spouses).

Most Memorable Faith Experience?

This might be an easy-out, but one of my favorite experiences was when my husband proposed to me, which began with my friends guiding me around campus to our favorite spots.