Morgan Stephens

Admissions Counselor

Advice to Incoming Students

Be genuine! Even though college can be nerve-wracking because it’s something brand new, reach out and get to know other people. The more you reach out and connect with others, the easier it is to become involved in school activities. Plus, on top of that, you make life-long friends!

Favorite Hobbies

I love playing volleyball, being SA (student association) secretary, reading, and just being with people!

Why did you choose FBBC?

I chose to attend Faith because of the atmosphere of discipleship on campus. When I attended events during high school and visited friends, I was consistently blown away by how friendly and genuine everyone was. I knew there were people on campus who cared to listen to me and hear about my life, even though I was still in high school. However, not only the students were friendly and genuine, the professors and faculty were as well. They asked about not only my academic life but my spiritual one as well. It was amazing to realize and observe how the staff, faculty, professors, and students wanted to grow spiritually and help those around them grow.