June 12, 2024

“Dear alumni and friends, we are so thankful for what God has chosen to do on the campus of Faith Baptist Bible College, and wanted to thank you for the role you have played in seeing the number of students enrolled at Faith double over the last several years.

Rest assured, While the number of resident students has increased at near record rates, it is not due to a drop in our acceptance standards. We continue to interview every student to help ensure they are a fit for FBBC before awarding institutional aid – and humanly speaking we believe that this has played a major role in our growth, as recently 95% of our students said they would recommend FBBC to others. God is obviously the one who is ultimately responsible for the growth – and we are asking Him to again
bless this upcoming fall as the needs are great for Gospel centered difference makers to take the “Word to the World.”
If you know of a student who would be a great fit at FBBC for the upcoming school year, ITS NOT TOO LATE.

Here are some talking points for those in your life that might still be undecided for this fall:

  • FBBC is a warm, growing community of Christ following students from over 30 states and all over the world
  • The emphasis on relational ministry is apparent and every student has the opportunity to be invested in
  • Students majors might change: but the mission of taking the Gospel to a lost and dying world never will
  •  We believe it is crucial that students actually know what and why they believe what they say they believe. Taking 1-2 apologetics courses and Bible classes is the safest investment any parent or student could make
  •  As a regionally accredited institution, classes can transfer to other institutions if students decide to only attend for 1-2 years

If you are willing to reach out to students in your life, please direct students still interested in this fall to
contact our director of admissions, Jessi Fowler, at fowlerj@faith.edu to learn more. If the family has not
ever visited campus and would like to see it yet this summer – we will help them do just that.
We cannot adequately express how thankful we are for you,
In Christ – Mark Felderman

PS: Would you be willing to share your story? We are looking for alumni who would be willing to send in
a 60 second video of “their story.” The years they spent at Faith – and what God led them to do later,
and how God used FBBC in their life. Please email your video to feldermanm@faith.edu – and feel free
to reach out with any questions