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Are you considering pastoral ministry? What are the steps from your initial thoughts to the day you become a pastor? Let’s walk through them together!

Are you considering pastoral ministry? What are the steps from your initial thoughts to the day you become a pastor? Let’s walk through them together! In a conversational and encouraging voice, Pathway to Pastoral Ministry walks you through the steps of responding to your initial interest, developing key relationships, understanding a pastor’s work, thinking through the call to ministry, addressing your feelings of inadequacy, maturing in your character, and developing essential knowledge and skills. This practical guide
is for high school and college-age men and for those who want to shepherd young men thinking about pastoral ministry.

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Dr. Dean Taylor: Dean H. Taylor (DMin, Northland International University) served in full-time pastoral ministry for twenty-five years and is now the Chair of Pastoral Studies at Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, Iowa. He draws on his pastoral experience to equip the next generation of young men
for local church ministry.


Many have noted the dearth of qualified pastors to fill the pulpits of pastor-less churches. Where will those men come from, and how will they go from where they are to the pulpit of the church God is preparing for them? While God calls pastors and appoints them to His church, He also uses qualified spiritual mentors to help them recognize His call and prepare them for His service. Dean Taylor is one of
those mentors. He has thought deeply and biblically about what it means to be a pastor, and he has exemplified it over many years of faithful pastoral ministry. God has used him to shepherd His church and is now using him to prepare future shepherds for the church. Pathway to Pastoral Ministry is an
important contribution to that call. It is written to young men who are sensing the possibility that God is setting them apart for pastoral ministry. Instead of slapping them on the back and pushing them blindly down the path, Dean walks beside these young men and helps them recognize important markers on
the path that will help confirm God’s working in their lives. While they walk together, Dean points out simple but significant ways a young man can prepare his life for pastoral ministry—should God so will. Pathway to Pastoral Ministry is a short, practical, and extremely helpful resource for young men, parents, youth pastors, pastors, Christian educators, and ministry mentors who are investing in young men for the sake of the gospel and the good of the Church.

Sam Horn
Pastor for Preaching and Vision
Palmetto Baptist Church, Piedmont, S.C.

Imagine being a young man grappling with the possibility of the Lord calling you into pastoral ministry. How do you get from where you are today to serving as a pastor someday? Pathway to Pastoral Ministry is an indispensable guide for such a person. This treasure trove of wisdom for aspiring pastors provides vital insights and practical advice to help a young man discern God’s call in his life. I look forward to
giving copies of this book to future pastors for years to come!

Patrick Odle
President, Baptist Mid-Missions


Pathway to Pastoral Ministry is a must-read for any person with the desire for pastoral ministry. Dean lays out a much-needed biblical and practical approach that brings clarity and direction to the reader. In a world where so many churches are without pastors, this book helps meet the need of the hour. I believe every pastor should read this book and have copies on hand to encourage the next generation for pastoral ministry.

Jeremy Frazor
President and CEO, Frazor Evangelistic Association


Pathway to Pastoral Ministry is a valuable resource for young men considering pastoral ministry and for pastors training young men pursuing pastoral ministry. Dean shares insights from his own journey into pastoral ministry, offers counsel based on his years of experience as a pastor who equipped young men for ministry, and, most importantly, instructs from Scripture about the call to vocational ministry. One of
the key strengths of Pathway to Pastoral Ministry is its usefulness as a tool for pastors involved in ministerial training. Pastors can simply assign a few chapters for a young man to read, schedule a meeting to discuss the material, use the questions at the end of each chapter to prompt dialogue, and
help the young man evaluate his understanding of ministry, his spiritual maturity, his ministry skills, and his potential next steps.

Ben Ice
Lead Pastor, Lighthouse Bible Church, Simi Valley, California


God loves His church, giving to His church the gifts of Christ—pastors! Dean capably and expertly provides a pathway for those men aspiring to pastoral ministry. This book also is helpful to churches and pastors looking to identify the next generation of shepherds. In Pathway to Pastoral Ministry, you will find good theology and practical steps for men sensing the call of God to pastoral ministry. I highly recommend this book. It is a valuable, practical resource for any local church seeking to train the next generation of vocational servants.

David E. Strope
GARBC Interim National Representative


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