Top 3 Things to Remember

The semester will look different, but we are excited to have you back on campus!

Masks are not required, but we will respect those who choose to wear them.

Please frequently check your school email for updates, as plans may be adjusted throughout the semester.

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Take note of the following schedule changes to the fall semester.*

Start of the Semester & Finals Week

  • The fall semester is still scheduled to start on-campus Monday, August 24, 2020. On-campus instruction will end on Wednesday, November 25, 2020.
  • Finals will be taken from home the following week after Thanksgiving.

Specific Changes to the Semester

  • Classes will be held on Labor Day.
  • The Missions Conference will end one day early so that normal classes can be held on Friday, October 30.
  • Classes will be held on Wednesday, November 25, which is the day before Thanksgiving.
  • Each class will have one recorded session that every student will be required to watch before Thanksgiving.

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We will respect those who choose to wear a face mask, but it is not required on campus. If close contact is necessary, students, employees, and visitors are encouraged, but not required to, wear a face mask. Close contact is interaction within less than six feet of someone else for more than 15 minutes.


Please regularly wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds!

Signs will be posted across campus on how to stop the spread of illness, reminding us of proper handwashing procedures and other everyday protective measures.


Consistent with Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance, students, employees, and visitors should stay home and not interact with others if they are ill. We will follow the IDPH flowchart for evaluating sick individuals on campus.

Daily temperature checks are not required. However, all students and employees will complete daily self-screening using the #campusclear app.

Online Check-In Link

Protective Measures

Six feet of social distancing will be established in all shared spaces including classrooms, dorm rooms, chapel, and the dining hall.

Increased cleaning and disinfecting will occur in all common areas and high touch surface areas including doorknobs, light switches, bathroom fixtures, and desks/tables. Hand sanitizer will be available at the main entrances of all buildings and in all classrooms.

Plexiglass barriers have been installed in various locations around campus, including the Patten Hall Library, Bookstore, receptionist desks, and Benson Hall.


Illness Reporting Procedure

Procedures are in place for students, faculty, and staff on how to contact the campus nurse when the need arises.

Health Services

If isolation or quarantine is necessary, rooms, necessities, and meals will be provided.

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Social Distancing

Classrooms have been arranged to allow social distancing for all classes.

Students should maintain six feet of social distancing when talking with a professor.

Transitioning Classrooms

Students should follow the professor’s instructions for entering and exiting the classroom.

Students may wear masks, but are not required to, when transitioning between classes, if they feel more comfortable doing so.


If a student is forced to miss class or Christian Service because of illness, attendance policies will be adapted on a case-by-case basis.

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Social Distancing

Dorm rooms and common areas have been set up to maintain six feet of social distancing. Students will not be permitted to rearrange their rooms.

Dorm devotions will be held in classrooms to promote more social distancing.


Dorm rooms and bathrooms will have a thorough cleaning by the students each day. We are asking that students clean their rooms and bathroom with specific cleaners (see required list of cleaners).

A designated person will disinfect all common areas each night.


Travel will not be permitted for the first two weeks of the semester, except for athletics and off-campus employment. Visitors will not be allowed to stay in the dorms for the fall semester.

Students are encouraged to limit their departures from campus for the semester.

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Dining Services

“To-go” meals will be available for all students.


Students will be asked to use hand sanitizer before going through the buffet line. In addition, we are requiring students to use a new cup and dish each time they go through the line.

Protective Measures

The dining hall has been set to meet current social distancing guidelines for the state of Iowa. Plexiglass is installed on all buffet lines for additional protection. Employees will be wearing masks and have their temperature taken at every shift.

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