FBTS is distinguished by its clearly stated purpose as seen in the institutional mission statement.

The mission of Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary is to equip vocational Christian workers and other servant leaders while inspiring them to take the Word to the world.

From its inception, the seminary has focused on preparing Bible expositors. That purpose is why Faith requires such a rigorous program of Biblical languages, exegesis, hermeneutics, and preaching. Men who graduate from FBTS with a M.Div. degree are regarded as strong preachers.


The seminary’s mission statement plainly identifies the school as a fundamental Baptist seminary. The school’s doctrinal statement and other documents further identify FBTS as a traditional dispensational institution, holding a strong position on separation from apostasy, worldliness, and compromise.


In 1986 the seminary began publishing the Faith Pulpit to address significant matters of theological and ministerial interest. The seminary has produced over 260 issues since its beginning. Pastors and church leaders tell us they appreciate the Pulpit and file their copies for future reference.


FBTS’s unique partnership with Faith Baptist Bible College strengthens the seminary. Though the college and seminary have separate facilities, they share the same campus, president, and board of directors. This partnership provides continuity of leadership and oversight, adds to the campus life for seminary students, serves as a source of new students for the seminary, and allows college faculty members to serve as adjunct professors in the seminary.


While FBTS offers traditional seminary programs and classes, the school has incorporated an extensive program of one-week modules. This arrangement allows individuals to take seminary classes without leaving their ministries and relocating to Ankeny. Students can earn any of the Master of Arts degrees solely with module classes.


Faith Baptist Theological Seminary has a proven academic program that has received both national and regional accreditation. We are nationally accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education and regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. FBTS is one of the few seminaries that have received this level of accreditation. Approval from these two agencies gives FBTS the highest and strongest accreditation possible. This accreditation confirms the quality of education each student receives and allows FBTS students to transfer credits to other institutions for additional graduate work.

Further Your Ministry Training at Faith

A seminary degree will better prepare you for your future ministry opportunities. The first step to continuing your education is to apply to Faith Baptist Theological Seminary.