Featured Course: Discipleship of Children

Children are the future servant leaders of our local churches! Learn how to effectively communicate the eternal truths of God’s word in an effective way that will help to set them up for long-term spiritual success.

Featured Graduates

Job and Amber Akkermann

Year of Graduation: 2012 and 2013

How Faith Prepared Me: When we attended Faith Baptist Bible College, it was our desire to receive training that would help us better serve the Lord. We both chose to major in the Local Church Ministry Program with hopes of learning how to study the Bible more in-depth and learning how to be effective helpers in our church. After taking various courses focused on the Bible and local church ministry, we now feel more equipped to step up and help out in any area that is needed in our church. The training we have received has given us confidence in how to teach Sunday school classes, give Biblical counsel, encourage fellow believers, and minister to all the various age groups in our church. The local church is a place that believers should be actively involved in. If it is your goal to grow in the Lord and learn how to serve Him better in your local church, then we would encourage you to check out the Local Church Ministry Department at Faith!

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