Featured Course: Missions Internship

Because of Faith’s rich history in producing life-long missionaries, we have internship possibilities for our students all over the country and around the world. Interested in helping plant a church in Romania? Want to assist with revitalization work in Argentina? How about reaching teens in Asia? However God is leading you, the variety of internships at Faith will help prepare you for His calling.

Featured Graduates

Stephanie Smith

Year of Graduation: 2011

Job Title: Agent Service Coordinator

How Faith Prepared Me: I’m so thankful for my time at Faith! Had you told me I was going to end up there for college, I would have called you crazy. My plan wasn’t to attend Faith. When all was said and done, I told God I would go to Faith because that’s what He had for me. At the end of my first year, I knew I was in the wrong major and changed it to Missions before my second year. The Missions classes were my favorite, and Mr. Lounsbrough was my absolute favorite professor! His practical examples from his time as a missionary were invaluable! My vision was to move overseas shortly after graduation and use my degree, but that wasn’t God’s plan. That fall after graduation, I struggled because I didn’t know why God had me where I was, and I didn’t feel like my degree was being used. After wrestling with it, I realized that I was using it, just not how I’d planned. It was just the way God wanted me to use it—all for His glory!

Amelia Galbraith

Year of Graduation: 2012

Job Title: Serving at Bethel Evangelical Church in the United Kingdom

How Faith Prepared Me:Faith is not simply a college devoted to memorizing verses and studying church polity, but it is a place for students to prepare for ministry in real churches and to be encouraged to discover God’s truths for themselves through personal study of the Word. Systematic Theology with Dr. Paul Hartog not only takes students deep into the Word but also reveals how much there is still to discover through fervent study. We are also encouraged to be involved in our local church, where I was able to discover and practice my love of teaching children. That is a skill I use on a weekly basis at our church. The list of spiritual growth and practical training I enjoyed at Faith could go on for pages. Faith is so much more than a college—it is a campus full of discipleship, spiritual growth, and practical application of God’s Word.

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