What is required?

From the Teacher:

For this aid to be applied to the student’s account, FBBC should receive an email from the teacher in whose classroom that student worked stating:

  • The teacher’s aide did a satisfactory job.

  • They would encourage the student to pursue a degree in education.

  • The current GPA of the student is 3.0 or above.



Emails may be directed to Admissions@Faith.edu.

From the Student:

  • The student needs to apply and be accepted to FBBC.

  • The student needs to be interviewed for institutional aid – preferably at Scholarship Weekend.

  • FBBC must be notified of the teacher’s nomination prior tothe student’s Scholarship Interview.

What can schools do?


  • Notify potential education majors of the FBBC Educators Scholarship.

  • Seek out matching funds or hiring incentives to further encourage graduates to pursue a career in education.



Emails may be directed to Admissions@Faith.edu.