April 15, 2016

“Be faithful where you are,” God seemed to whisper. This whisper kept Laura going as she was living in a world of “complexity and sophistication” away from the protection of her family and church. “I was puzzled when I graduated, because I did not feel God directing me into ‘full-time’ ministry, so I started working in administrative work.”

Laura Smith (’92) graduated from Faith with an A.A. in Office Administration and a B.S. in Biblical Studies. Because both her parents graduated from Faith when it was still Omaha Baptist Bible College, Laura grew up very familiar with Faith and knew that is where God would help train her for a life of service. While at Faith, Laura had the opportunity to serve as a resident advisor in the dorms for two years.

“I cherish the relationships I built with the girls in my dorm,” Laura commented. “I thrived on nights of counseling and helping my girls seek God. I wouldn’t trade those two years as RA for anything, and I believe it helped me focus my future energy as I developed a speaking ministry for women.”

While working after graduating from Faith, Laura continued to ask God if her current situation was where He really wanted her. God continued to tell her to be faithful where she was. She remained active in her local church and continued to work faithfully in the business world. Through necessity, Laura developed public speaking skills that she continued to use in women’s ministry.

“One day I realized how much I loved impacting people through speaking. Soon I was speaking at women’s retreats, events, and even teaching public speaking at a national writing and speaking conference. Connecting with women is my passion, and I love ‘rightly dividing the Word of Truth’ with them.”

Even though she has expanded her ministries to speaking and even becoming a published author, Laura does not let opportunities pass her by at work. She encounters unique opportunities to interact and witness to people who would not normally be open to attending church.