August 15, 2016

Deb Brammer (Allen ’77) has always had passion for writing. She fell in love with writing in elementary school and aspired to become a published author, although she had no idea how to turn that dream into reality. Then while praying about God’s direction in life, He intertwined both writing and missions into Deb’s life.

Deb attended Faith and began dating Art (’78) during her junior year. That same year she took two journalism classes at Faith, which challenged her to make long-term goals for writing and taught her how to submit articles for publication. Through those classes she realized her passion for Christian publications; through her relationship with Art her calling to serve alongside him in missions was solidified. For more than 35 years, living in both Taiwan and New Zealand, the two ministries have complemented each other well.

Deb began by writing articles, mostly missions related, for Regular Baptist Press take-home papers. In time RBP published more than 125 of her articles, some of which were published many times. She also wrote many Christmas programs, puppet scripts, ESL Bible lessons, and other materials. She originally wrote these for their missions work, but they were later published later for others to use as well.

Deb currently has nine published books—five of them related to missions ministry. In 2010 she wrote the true story of Mary Weaver, a godly Christian woman from Iowa who was accused of the murder of a baby left in her care. The book, Edges of Truth was launched in 2013 at a large event which showcased God’s great work in Mary’s life. People interested in reading more about Deb’s ministry and her books can visit her website for more information.

Deb feels that ministering in these two areas of missions and writing has helped to make “each other stronger.” God has given her not one, but two passions of ministry that she has opportunities to use in ministry every day.