April 11, 2019

ANKENY, Iowa—Faith Baptist Theological Seminary is pleased to announce an incentive to new and returning students who are enrolled in the Master of Divinity program, beginning Fall Semester 2019. Each student enrolled in this program will begin earning credit toward an expenses-covered trip to Israel their senior year.

Only credits that are taken in the M.Div. program will count toward the trip, and students must participate in the Israel trip the final semester before they graduate.* This new incentive was announced to students, staff, and faculty during Tuesday morning’s chapel session by Dr. Douglas Brown, Seminary Dean.

“There is nothing that replaces going to Israel and seeing it first-hand,” said Dr. Brown. “I would say it’s probably worth about a year of Bible college credits. It’s amazing to be able to see the layers of history, to see things first-hand, and get a glimpse of what the Holy Land actually looks like.”

The seminary eagerly anticipates the additional value this initiative will add to the educational experience of the Master of Divinity program at Faith Baptist Theological Seminary.


*Other restrictions apply