March 2, 2020

Spring has sprung at Faith! With the turn of the calendar to March, robins have returned to campus, warmer temperatures are in the forecast, and students have an extra hop in their step as they prepare to head out for Spring Break next week. There are so many great things going on at Faith right now, it’s hard not to be excited. Our men’s basketball team won regionals this past weekend and is headed for the NCCAA Division II National Championships next week. In addition, this morning, we officially flipped the switch on our old website and rolled out the brand new!

We are extremely pleased with the results of this redesign. Like springtime, everything is fresh and new. Take a few minutes to look around our new site, complete with new graphics, new photos, and a new layout.

The process of overhauling our old site began last May. We enlisted the help of a digital marketing company, YDOP, who led the design process and worked closely with us as we strategized the best way to market Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary. Ease of navigation, clearly defined steps in the admissions and financial aid process, a more in-depth look at each major and minor, and a visually appealing site were priorities from the start. We believe this new site has accomplished each of those goals.

Some of the new features we love about the new website are the ability to show video as the featured graphic on the homepage, high-resolution photos that give potential students a great visual of what life at Faith is like and that portray the beauty of our campus, a cleaner look with more white space and alternating blocks of content and photos, a new Ankeny Community page that highlights our up-and-coming community, and a color palette that is consistent with our branding.

Take a few minutes to explore our new site! Or, better yet, tell a prospective high school student about Faith Baptist Bible College and all the great things we have going on. The basketball team’s success comes on the heels of our women’s soccer team, which finished third in the nation this fall at the Women’s Soccer National Championships. Our enrollment continues to climb, and next year’s freshmen class looks to be another great one. The spirit on our campus and the spiritual growth our students are exhibiting continue to be hallmarks of our nearly 100-year history. Faith is truly #TrendingUpward.

The month of March is our Apply for Free month, so there’s no better time to consider the following question:

“How can God get the most out of your life?”