Frequently Asked Questions

When Can I Start Taking Online Classes as a High School Student?

You can begin taking online classes in the fall semester of your junior year. You can begin taking Jump Start summer courses the summer before your junior year.

When Should I Apply?

You can complete an application up to a year before the class begins. Registration must be completed two weeks prior to the start of the class.

Do I Need to Complete a New Application for Every Class?

No. Once you have applied for a reading endorsement course, you can continue enrolling in the next class without reapplying.

What Do I Do Once I am Enrolled?

Once you become an online student, you will receive login information from Faith. You will then be required to take a short online orientation before your first class.

Example of Tuition and Financial Aid


EFC:  4,500*
ACT:  21

Tuition & Fees Online                   $6,594
(16 credits)

Federal Aid                                       $ 2,045 _
EXPENSES MINUS AID                $ 4,549

Contact Admissions

Have questions before you start your application? Contact us and a member of our Admissions team would be glad to answer your questions by phone or email.