October 28, 2020

Three professors were conferred the honor of “Senior Professor” by Dr. Jim Tillotson during the Friday morning chapel service on October 23, 2020. Dr. Daniel R. Brown, Dr. Alan D. Cole, and Dr. Mark E. Stupka were promoted in rank based on their achievements of institutional goals and objectives.

Dr. Tillotson presented each of the senior professors with a certificate and read a statement to the students, staff, and faculty in attendance. During the reading, Dr. Tillotson explained the qualifications for receiving the title of Senior Professor, which include the following:

  • The person is recognized as a leader in one’s academic field.
  • The person is highly regarded as a faculty member by the institution.
  • The person has had a long term of service as a faculty member and is held in high esteem by one’s peers.
  • The person has made a significant contribution to the task of preparing individuals for the Lord’s service.

The trio of Brown, Cole, and Stupka has accumulated more than 50 years of service at Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary and has influenced the lives of thousands of men and women who are serving Christ around the world.