March 29, 2024

Chorale Spring Tour 2024 Recap

By Megan Hutchinson           


The Faith Chorale hit the road early Sunday morning to kick off their 2024 Spring Tour. The group consisted of 47 students, director Dr. Christopher Ellis, and shuttle driver Dr. Charles Ellis. That evening, their first performance commenced at Brookside Baptist in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Afterward, they dispersed to spend the night with various church families who generously welcomed the Chorale into their homes.

On Monday morning, the group regathered and drove to Menomonee Falls, where they performed at Calvary Baptist School. On Tuesday, they sang at Bay City Christian School in Green Bay. Both performances provided wonderful opportunities to interact with students and staff at the schools, sharing the hope of the gospel and their love for Faith.

Wednesday proved to be a day full of challenges and patience. Their concert that morning was at Faith Christian School in Coleman, Wisconsin. After a time of fellowship, they were back on the road–but not for very long. It became obvious that there was an issue with their trailer, which resulted in an emergency stop. After a long time of phone calls and problem-solving, they were able to find another trailer that they could use; praise the Lord! After quickly switching their luggage from the old trailer to the new one, they were back on the road and headed for Grace Baptist Church in Madison. The concert there was a fantastic, suitable end to the long day, and everyone in the group did not hesitate to proclaim that God was good through it all.       

The group’s last church to visit in Wisconsin was Grace Baptist Church. They warmly welcomed the Chorale, and the evening was full of gospel-centered music and spirited fellowship. On Friday afternoon, the Chorale sang at Liberty Christian School in Chippewa Falls. After the performance, the Chorale members had the opportunity to get to know many of the school’s students; good conversations were evident. After packing up, the group made the long journey back to Iowa, thankful for the people they had met and the memories they had made in Wisconsin. Early Sunday morning they were back on the road, but, this time, they stayed in Iowa, traveling to Faith Baptist Church in Carroll for the morning service and Calvary Baptist Church in Sheldon for an evening performance. Both churches were generous and joyful, kindly welcoming the Chorale with enthusiasm.

At every one of the Chorale’s performances, the gospel was clearly declared through Scripture-centered songs. The joy that the students had in Christ was shared through conversations with congregations and students before and after concerts. Overall, it was a fantastic trip that truly brought glory to God.