March 29, 2024

Faith Baptist Bible College Announces New Emphasis in Apologetics

ANKENY, Iowa–Faith Baptist Bible College is pleased to announce a new emphasis in apologetics. The college is partnering with Dr. Juan Valdes and Mr. Carl Kerby from Reasons for Hope to hone students’ critical thinking abilities and equip them with practical, proven methods to engage with our current culture by clearly and winsomely presenting the truth and defending the faith. After completing this emphasis, students will be able to counter the world’s confusion with biblical clarity.

The apologetics emphasis is designed to pair with any of Faith’s degree programs. The emphasis includes fourteen credit hours of coursework divided among five courses that are conveniently offered online and in summer modules. These courses may be taken in any order, and there are no prerequisites. The courses that comprise the emphasis are the following:

  • G-HU 201-OP Introduction to Philosophy (2 credits)
  • T-SY 304-OP Apologetics & Worldview (3 credits)
  • T-SY 305 Creation Apologetics (3 credits)
  • T-SY 306 Cultural Apologetics (3 credits)
  • T-SY 307 Apologetics & Evangelism (3 credits)

The next start date for courses in the apologetics emphasis is May 2024, with T-SY 306 Cultural Apologetics being offered on campus May 13-17. And T-SY 304 Apologetics and Worldview or T-SY 307 Apologetics & Evangelism being offered on campus May 20-24. 

If you are a current student, talk to your advisor today to start the apologetics emphasis in May. If you are a prospective student, contact Admissions at to take the next step in your education. If you are looking to gain more familiarity in this area as an adult learner, you can audit each May module for $100. Please reach out to Jeff Bunger at to sign up today.

Our world is confused. Do what you can to prepare to counter confusion with clarity. 

For more information about the apologetics emphasis, including course descriptions, visit