August 9, 2022

Faith Baptist Bible College (Ankeny, IA) is pleased to announce a new study abroad program beginning the spring semester of 2023. The new program will be called “Faith Abroad.” It will be available to juniors and seniors in any academic field at Faith.

Faith Abroad offers students the opportunity to study overseas or in an urban U.S. setting for a full semester. Students will continue coursework in their field of study while experiencing a new culture with a host missionary. Throughout the semester, students will cultivate intercultural relationships and gain a better understanding of other ethnicities, languages, and religions. Coursework will be completed through blended and online classes.

The Arriba program, which was historically a full year of learning in Peru, is still available as a study abroad option but is undergoing changes. Now under the direction of James Morsey, the location of study is relocating to Chile beginning in 2023-24. Students will live with host families, serve in Chilean churches, and learn the Spanish language, all while earning a minimum of 30 credits over the course of a full academic year.

The addition of Faith Abroad offers students exciting new possibilities. Chair of the World Missions Department Dr. Mark Lounsbrough is enthusiastic about the new program and the opportunities it presents for students.

“Faith Abroad offers students a unique blend of academic and cultural interaction. It puts shoe leather on our motto, With the Word to the World, and broadens the student’s ability to apply God’s unchanging truth in a different cultural setting.”

To learn more about Faith Abroad or to apply, visit our web page.