August 27, 2019

Noah Branum and Kyle Cline will be traveling together full-time for the Faith Admissions Department throughout the 2019-20 school year. After a brief break from their summer travels, they will be back on the road September 3, heading to the northern parts of Wisconsin.

Cline received his undergraduate degree from Bob Jones University in 2014 and graduated from Faith Baptist Theological Seminary in 2018 with his Master of Arts. He is currently working on his M.Div. with Faith Baptist Theological Seminary. He has worked at Faith since 2015 in both the communications and admissions departments.

Branum began his role in admissions earlier this summer after graduating from Faith in 2019 with his Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Studies with concentrations in Biblical Counseling and Greek.

Both have been visiting different camps and churches across the United States meeting with pastors and youth groups over the summer months. Now that the school year has begun, they will be speaking in Christian schools and churches all over the country, helping build new relationships for Faith. Branum and Cline view the next nine months as a chance to make new contacts for the school, recruit future students, and gain valuable experience working with leaders in roles they aspire to fill someday.

“As I look to be a pastor, this job could not be better for me,” said Branum. “I have the opportunity to preach and teach in school chapels and churches, building on those skills for ministry. I also have the opportunity to expand and build a network of relationships with pastors and other believers, which is valuable. God greatly used Faith in my life, and now I get to encourage high school students to have the same experience.”