February 8, 2022

By Megan Hutchinson
Student Writer

Faith Baptist Bible College welcomed approximately 275 ministry leaders and their spouses to Refresh Conference 2022, taking place February 1-4. Over 140 ministries  were represented, all in need of being refreshed by God’s Word and His people.


The first day of the conference kicked off at 2 p.m. with a pair of pre-conference workshops. Faith Taylor spoke on “Discipleship: Helping it Happen.” David Levy tackled the question, “Why Don’t Unbelievers Understand the Gospel?”

In the evening, the first general session began with a heartening performance by the Chorale and a moving piece by the Uplift Ministry Team. The music they sang proclaimed a message of faith in Christ, encouragement amidst the battle that ministry leaders face daily, and hope for a future for those found in Jesus Christ. Following the time of music, Dr. Tim Sigler spoke on “Thinking Big about God’s Global Gospel.” He read from Romans 1:1-7 and explained the bigger picture of the gospel’s message, mission, and motive. It was truly an encouraging way to begin the week!


Wednesday morning began with worship in song, including a solo soprano performance by Emma Pedersen, who sang “An Offering,” by Dan Forrest. The first speaker of the day was Pastor Tim Potter, who immediately began his session by bringing up two students and two attendees on stage. Pastor Potter asked each person on stage to share one individual or a couple of people they were praying for who were unsaved and needed the saving power of the gospel. It was a powerful reminder that evangelism is necessary in the Christian life, and believers should constantly be praying for God to work in the lives of their unsaved friends and family.

Faith’s own Dr. Paul Hartog spoke in the second morning session, sharing his message called “Disciples: Restored and Commissioned, but Not Compared. He urged the audience to take their focus off of others and turn their eyes to Christ. “Get back in the game because the Lord restores,” he said. After a wonderful afternoon of uplifting workshops, the attendees were able to enjoy a lovely banquet, a time of fellowship, and a message from Dr. Marty Herron overviewing Psalm 126 and providing three seeds every Christian needs to sow.  The day ended with a reception for Pillsbury and Northland alumni.


The second-to-last day of the conference opened with a beautiful piano duet between sophomore Alexa LaFleur and Mrs. Sherri Nicholson. Dr. Dennis Wilkening was the first speaker that morning, delivering a powerful message on “Creating a Culture of Evangelism.” Dr. Wilkening gave five short ways to do so: model it, preach it, expect it, measure it, and celebrate it. His passion for evangelism is extremely evident when he speaks, and he clearly has a strong and genuine desire to see the lost come to Christ. “Marketing is not the reason our churches aren’t growing,” said Wilkening. “Lack of evangelism is.”

Following the first session, freshmen Cesar Gutierrez and Dori Linscott performed a delightful piece on violins, called “All the Way My Savior Leads Me.” The final morning session speaker was Dr. Jason Ormiston, currently the senior pastor of Family Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He spoke on “Serving the Least of These” and answered the question, “How would Jesus respond to those who are hurting?” After another remarkable afternoon of uplifting workshops, the week’s final evening session kicked off with a spectacular concert by the Faith Community Orchestra. Dr. Lukus Counterman continued the topic of evangelism with his message “The Gospel Is Grounded in God,” where he pointed us to the big picture: God’s greatness and glory. Afterward, attendees enjoyed a time of relaxation and fellowship for Faith alumni.


The morning of the final day began with two senior ladies, Emma Pedersen and Brianna Carroll, who sang a lovely duet of “What Grace is Mine.” Dr. Douglas Brown concluded the discussion on discipleship by emphasizing the main idea that God wants believers to train the next generation for Christ. “In ministry,” he said, “we have to have a constant dependence on God.” Finally, to wrap up the entire conference, Dr. Jim Tillotson provided important instructions on evangelism as he spoke from John 4, where Jesus visits the woman at the well.

Overall, Refresh Conference 2022 was truly a time of faith, friends, and fellowship for dedicated ministry leaders who needed to be refreshed and encouraged by the Word of God.

(Photos by Joshua and Alyssa Huang)