August 29, 2023

As a high school student in New Brunswick, Canada, Jonathan Crossman had no idea that Faith Baptist Bible College existed. All that changed when he met a traveling rep from the school. Several years later, Jonathan and his wife Morgan (Stephens) are preparing to head out onto the road to represent Faith across the US and in Jonathan’s native Canada, returning to Ankeny periodically to assist in on-campus recruitment events.

The Crossmans were both part of the Class of 2023. Jonathan graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership, and Morgan graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with middle school and coaching endorsements. 

For the majority of the coming months, the Crossmans will represent Faith at ministries in the Midwest. Beyond the Midwest, they will also visit Colorado, New England, and western Canada. As pastors’ kids and self-described extroverts, both are excited to meet new people and encourage pastors, administrators, and laypeople with what God is doing at Faith and how He has used the college faculty, staff, and students to foster spiritual growth in their own lives. 

Because Jonathan’s own journey to Faith was prompted by meeting a traveling rep, he is especially motivated to introduce others to all that Faith has to offer. “I’m passionate about telling others about the things I love and trying to get them to love them too,” Jonathan said. Among the reasons he loves Faith, Jonathan mentioned that the school is “ideally sized for discipleship, it keeps spiritual and intellectual growth in proper balance, and it intentionally connects students with local churches and pastors.” 

When asked what motivates her to promote Faith, Morgan mentioned the school’s focus on discipleship and its emphasis on serving others. “During my time at Faith, I learned to be intentional with how I connect with people and interact with them. My time as a student prepared me to serve people better as I was regularly encouraged to ask myself, ‘How can I best serve God with the talents and gifts He has given me? How can God use me to glorify and honor Him?’”

Both also embrace the opportunity to convey to high school students, parents, and ministry leaders the inestimable value of the Biblical worldview that informs all of the academic and spiritual pursuits at the college. “Faith is a good place not only to earn your academic degree but also to learn how to use your degree with a Biblical worldview. We learned to apply God’s Word to our decisions day to day,” explained Morgan. 

The Crossmans will spend the better part of the next nine months visiting churches, schools, and conferences across the United States. Much of their interaction will be with teens in youth groups and Christian schools, settings in which Jonathan will have opportunities to deliver brief promos for the school, devotionals, and occasional sermons in school chapels or churches’ Sunday services. 

If you would like to schedule the Crossmans to give a presentation to your ministry, contact