August 31, 2022

By Megan Hutchinson
Student Writer

After only one week of classes, Faith’s Uplift Ministry Team was already being sent out to share God’s Word through music to a church congregation. On the Sunday morning of August 28, they set out to Grace Baptist Church in Marshfield, Wisconsin, to present songs, share testimonies, and cultivate hope in the body of believers.

Sophomore Delaney Geer perceived the trip to be a success, grateful to share their music for the first time with the warm, welcoming congregation. Not only was Grace Baptist Church encouraged, but so were the students themselves. Delaney recounts how she was blessed by witnessing the faithfulness of the pastor and his wife:

“Their church and family have faced significant difficulties in the recent months, but they have persevered,” she said. “Both of them have taken on a heavy load of responsibilities, and yet they serve with joy and faithfully counsel and encourage their people.” Seeing their joy and love for Christ truly inspired her to be more intentional about reaching out to others and serving wherever she can.

Uplift consists of a small group of student musicians (four men and four women) who travel to a variety of churches, ministering with their voices and piano to “uplift” congregations. This school year, the members of the team are Jessica Bolles, Delaney Geer, Valerie Lezza, Alexa LaFleur, Cody Nihart, Seth Elliott, Jason Bausch, and David Carroll. The team arrived at FBBC one week early in preparation for their ministry through music. Their selection of songs focus on the theme of the “Person and Work of Christ the Savior.”

All the members of Uplift are delighted to be in this ministry and look forward to the many aspects it carries with it. Junior David Carroll shares that he is most excited about getting to spend time with the whole group during practices and on trips. Junior Jessica Bolles is grateful for the opportunity to visit different churches and catch a glimpse of their individual ministries, especially in music. Sophomore Cody Nihart says, “I’m excited to get to know people in the churches and get to uplift them, especially if they’re in times of trial.”

From talking with them, it is clear that the heart of Uplift longs to encourage fellow believers and glorify God with their music. The team is excited to keep visiting churches and see how God faithfully continues to work through their ministry. As they aspire to uplift pastors and congregations, it is evident the blessing has been reciprocal as the team itself continues to experience God’s grace and goodness.

If you would like to schedule the Uplift Ministry Team to minister to your church, fill out a request form here.