July 19, 2019

Recent Faith graduate Jacob Kirkwood (’19) will be hitting the road full-time for Faith during the 2019-20 school year.

Kirkwood will spend most of his time meeting with pastors and Christian school administrators as he travels across the United States and even overseas.

Jacob is an NCCAA Track and Field All-American at Faith who won the national championship in discus in 2019. He worked part-time in the Faith Security Department for three years and also in the Admissions Department while finishing his Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Counseling and Greek.

“It was then (working in admissions) that I saw the process and learned the system and concluded that I would love to travel,” said Jacob. “As I look forward to the coming semester of work, I am excited to build a ministry network.”

Look for Jacob at a church or school near you in 2019-20!