Faith makes provisions to accommodate any student who has documented physical or academic needs. Whether the accommodations are physical, medical, or academic in nature, the student should contact Mrs. Kim Nihart, the Director of Health Services. In addition to the help a professor can give a student in a course, Faith also provides additional services as described below.


Study Skills Workshop

Faith provides study skills workshops at the beginning of each semester to assist students in time management, content reading, note taking, test taking, memory retention, and composition.


The Write Spot

Faith emphasizes the importance of excellence in written communications. To assist students in achieving excellence in writing, we provide a writing center, called the Write Spot, which will assist students by reviewing rough drafts of papers, answering grammar and mechanics questions, and providing guidance in the various steps of the writing process (prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing). The Write Spot is staffed by individuals with a solid English background who can meet the needs of the students. The Write Spot is located on the upper level of the Library, and hours of operation are posted each semester.


Writing Improvement Program

The Writing Improvement program assesses students at different points in their freshmen and sophomore years and provides additional writing instruction for those who may need it.



Faculty or peer tutoring is available by request for students who want additional help in completing assignments or taking tests.

Faith Music Academy

The Music Department at Faith Baptist Bible College is excited to use the gift of music to connect with families in the growing Ankeny community and surrounding areas. We are pleased to introduce Faith Music Academy, which offers high-quality vocal and instrumental instruction in this setting. Lessons at Faith Music Academy will be led by juniors and seniors at Faith, who have completed the required core classes and a teaching internship. For more information, visit the Faith Music Academy Page.