Institutional Goals

1. Academics

FBBC&TS aspires to provide excellence in biblical, ministry, and general educational training by maintaining and improving the educational programs on the undergraduate level and seminary level that will equip servant-leaders for a lifetime of Christian service and vocational ministry.

2. Enrollment

FBBC&TS aspires to maintain a sustainable student enrollment by identifying and recruiting mission-fit students who will benefit from the educational experience at Faith and who will represent the values of the institution.

3. Students

FBBC&TS aspires to impact students by creating an engaging and nurturing campus life that contributes to students’ spiritual, social, and physical development, and by providing quality services that will support the mission of the institution and further the institution’s influence for Christ.

4. Stewardship

FBBC&TS aspires be a good steward of God’s resources by maintaining an attractive, safe, and well-functioning campus that enhances discipleship and educational experiences, and by attaining financial strength that will ensure resources for effective student learning and that will ensure the long-term sustainability of the institution.

5. Employees

FBBC&TS aspires to create a vibrant workplace by assembling and maintaining a team of well-trained and spiritually sensitive faculty, staff, and administration that will influence students for the cause of Christ and by providing reasonable benefits for employees of the institution.

6. Constituents

FBBC&TS aspires to engage external constituents by cultivating relationships with like-minded donors, by clearly communicating to constituents in various forms of media, by fostering relationships with alumni, and by supporting like-minded churches and positively impacting our community for Christ.

7. Governance

FBBC&TS aspires to assemble an effective leadership team by developing a strong board who will provide proactive, exceptional institutional leadership, empowering the president to manage the institution on a day-to-day basis, and fostering a culture of shared governance.

College Conversion Scales & Alignment

* Program chairs have flexibility in aligning their percentage scales to the FBBC Assessment Scale.

Contact the Registrar

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  • Jeffrey Bunjer, Registrar