Germany Chamber Choir Tour Schedule

Below is the schedule for the 2023 Germany Chamber Choir tour. Interested in having one of our music ensembles minister at your church? Use our Ensemble Request Form.


Tuesday, May 9

Arrive in Frankfurt
Canvas Ingelheim

Wednesday, May 10

Rhine River/Sankt Goar

Thursday, May 11

Concert in Ingelheim
6:00 PM – Concert in Burgkirche

Friday, May 12


Saturday, May 13

Sing in Nürnberg

Sunday, May 14

10:00 AM – Concert Nürnberg church
4:00 PM – Concert Erlangen church

Monday, May 15


Tuesday, May 16

6:00 PM – Concert in Neumarkt church

Wednesday, May 17


Thursday, May 18

5:30 PM Concert in Dompfarrsaal Eichstätt

Friday, May 19

6:30 PM – Concert Ingelheim

Saturday, May 20

Rest Day

Sunday, May 21

6:00 PM – Concert in München

Monday, May 22


Tuesday, May 23

7:00 PM – Concert Landshut

Wednesday, May 24

7:30 AM – Depart Ingolstadt for airport

On-Campus Concerts

Interested in coming to one of the concerts listed below? Check out our Events page for more details!

Join the Friends of Faith Music.


Friday, October 14 (7:00 PM)

Fall Concert

Nettleton Center

December 2 and 3 (7:00 PM)

Festival of Carols

Nettleton Center

Friday, March 31 (7:00 PM)

Spring Concert

Nettleton Center

Thursday, May 4 (7:00 PM)

Commencement Concert

Nettleton Center

Chorale Tour Schedule

Below is the schedule for the 2023 Chorale tour schedule. Interested in having one of our music ensembles minister at your church? Use our Ensemble Request Form.



City, State

Sunday, March 5 (AM)

Brookdale Baptist Church

Moorhead, Minnesota

Sunday, March 5 (PM)

First Baptist Church

Brainerd, Minnesota

Monday, March 6 (AM)

St. Francis Christian School

St. Francis, Minnesota

Monday, March 6 (PM)

First Baptist Church

St. Francis, Minnesota

Tuesday, March 7 (AM)

Fourth Baptist Christian School

Plymouth, Minnesota

Tuesday, March 7 (PM)

Fourth Baptist Church

Plymouth, Minnesota

Wednesday, March 8 (AM)

Owatonna Christian School

Owatonna, Minnesota

Wednesday, March 8 (PM)

Grace Baptist Church

Owatonna, Minnesota

Thursday, March 9 (PM)

First Baptist Church

Faribault, Minnesota

Friday, March 10 (PM)

Calvary Baptist Church

Rochester, Minnesota

Sunday, March 12 (AM)

Altoona Regular Baptist Church

Altoona, Iowa

Sunday, March 12 (PM)

Ankeny Baptist Church

Ankeny, Iowa

Uplift Ministry Team

 Interested in having the Uplift Ministry Team minister at your church through music?

Uplift Ministry Team Schedule

2023 Schedule



January 14-15

Independent Baptist Church

Bolingbrook, Illinois

January 28-29



January 31-February 3

Refresh Conference (FBBC&TS)

Ankeny, Iowa

February 5



February 18-19

Immanuel Bible Church

Sheboygan, Wisconsin

March 3-12

Chorale Tour

Various Locations

March 25-26

Chisago Lakes Baptist Church

Chisago, Minnesota

April 16



April 23

Chorale Traveling

Schedule a Music Group

To schedule one of our music ensembles to minister in your church, please fill out the Ensemble Request Form.