Faithful Servant Award

The Faithful Servant Award is given annually to individuals who are honored at a special recognition chapel during Homecoming. These individuals will be chosen primarily based on:

  • Their length of years served and contribution to their ministry or profession
  • Their demonstration of high Christian standards and integrity
  • Their faithfulness in promoting the college and seminary and their support of the Faith Alumni Association

2023 Faithful Servant Award Recipients

Past Faithful Servant Award Recipients

Prior to the development of the Faithful Servant Award, Faith alumni were eligible to receive the Alumnus of the Year award.

Honorary Alumni

From time to time the Faith Alumni Association recognizes individuals as honorary alumni of Faith. This distinction is granted to people who did not graduate from Faith but who have made a significant contribution to Faith.

Previous Recipients


  • Dr. John L. Patten (1970)
  • Mr. Vernon R. Bliss (1977)
  • Dr. Harry B. Gray (1981)
  • Mrs. John L. (Hazel) Patten (1984)
  • Dr. Arthur B. Walton (1985)
  • Dr. Donald Brong (1986)
  • Mr. Herb Brudtkuhl (1987)
  • Mrs. Norma Shipp (1988)
  • Mr. William Parmerlee (1989)
  • Dr. Robert L. Domokos (1990)
  • Dr. David Nettleton (1991)
  • Dr. David Boylan (1993)
  • Dr. Manfred Kober (1994)
  • Mrs. Marilyn Tollenaar (2010)
  • Mrs. Gladys Gray (2012)
  • Dr. Ernie and Gen Schmidt (2015)
  • Dr. John Hartog II (2016)
  • Dr. Jim and Joan Tillotson (2016)
  • Mrs. Sandy Capon (2019)

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