A Proper Perspective on Israel and the Middle East

Israel is constantly in the news, often ridiculed as oppressors, colonizers, and promoters of genocide—and many pundits spout their opinions and preconceptions. But what should Bible believers think about the conflicts and controversies in the Middle East? With Scripture as our starting point, our three-part series will consider the biblical, historical, and ethical issues that lead to a proper perspective on these pressing issues of our day.


Registration opens at 9:30 AM in the Nettleton Center lobby.

Time: Sessions begin at 10:00 AM and conclude at 1:00 PM.

Cost: $35, includes the conference, a book, and lunch. Bring your spouse for an additional $10.


Dr. Timothy Sigler

Dr. Sigler is a graduate from FBBC&TS and has gone on to earn his Ph.D. from TEDS. Tim has been studying and teaching about the land and people of Israel for 35 years. His academic and personal experience with the language, history, culture, and geography of the biblical world uniquely qualifies him as an outstanding host for those wishing to better understand their Bibles within the context it was written. He enjoys offering tours in Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, and Italy.


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