Opportunities to Volunteer

Sent on Behalf of Dr. Jim Tillotson, President of FBBC&TS

Dear Alumni and Friends

Due to growth in our student body and a major renovation to Benson Hall, we need help with regular maintenance items we would be doing during the summer
Some of the jobs that are on Curt’s list:

Window and door trim
Replacing windows
Replacing doors
Patching walls
Small plumbing
Electrical repairs
Tree trimming- chainsaw work
Black top patching
Painting of lines in parking lots
Moving furniture
and much more

With that in mind, we are having two Volunteer Work Weeks this summer, and I hope you and/or members from your church could come and help. Church missions trips are encouraged.

The two work weeks are June 17-21 and July 15-19. You can come for one day or a whole week. We will take whatever you can give us! Meals and housing will be provided.

Please sign up using this link

Please have each volunteer sign up separately so that we can have an accurate count for meals and housing.

If you have any questions, please contact my admin, Bri Harrier, at harrierb@faith.edu.

Any help that you and your church can give would be greatly appreciated.


Joyfully Serving God,

Dr. Jim Tillotson



If you have any questions, please contact Bri Harrier, at harrierb@faith.edu.