February 3, 2021

(The following entries are a recap from each day of our 2021 Refresh Conference from student writer Malachi Williams)


Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Faith’s annual Refresh Conference began Tuesday with Faith’s music ensembles on full display. The Chorale, Chamber Choir, Handbells, and String Ensemble prepared our hearts with worship pointing to Christ’s magnificence and majesty.

Dr. Jim Tillotson opened the service with a video looking back on 100 years of Faith Baptist Bible College and the impact of Faith’s ministry and educational history.

Guest artist Ben Everson continued the ministry of music with a song titled “What Manner of Love,” bringing attention to the life of Christ and His humility and love for us, as well as the greatest sacrifice of love.

In the temporary absence of our scheduled speaker, Dr. Daniel Anderson (whose flight was canceled due to a snow storm), Patrick Odle, president of Baptist Mid-Missions, brought the message from God’s Word. He spoke on the “Faithfulness to our Solemn Charge,” reminding us of our devotion to our ministries and duties to God. In 2 Timothy 4:1-5, we were able to see God’s charge to Christians to preach the word, practice the mindset, persevere through problems, proclaim the gospel, and pursue our ministry.

We look forward to the remainder of the conference and seeing what God has in store.


Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Refresh Conference continued on day two with a great special from student Emma Pederson, singing “God and God Alone.”

Dr. Daniel Anderson brought the message from Luke 17:7-10. He reminded us of the mandate we have from Christ. Dr. Anderson stated, “Our world is so captivated by itself.” We constantly set aside Christ for our own selfish desires, but we must set our Biblical purposes as our priorities.

Dr. Tim Sigler brought the 10 a.m. sermon from the ever-so-beloved Song of Solomon, which points us to Christ’s pure intention for sexual purity before marriage and sexual purity within marriage. This all points back to our relationship with Christ and our purpose to be stewards of the gifts He has given to us. Song of Solomon or Song of Songs speaks truth through songs and poems. “Since no other human relationship parallels the relationship between God and His people, guard your heart, body soul, thoughts, and this entire area of your life!”

Dr. Kevin Bauder closed the services on Wednesday, speaking on the topic of “Faithfulness in Perplexity”  from 2 Corinthians 4.

With two days left, let us open our hearts to God’s Word and the messages being brought forth from these great speakers.


Thursday, February 4, 2021

Day three of Refresh Conference opened with an amazing special from Steve Giegerich. It has truly been amazing to see the musical gifts God has given the musicians who have ministered during this conference.

Seminary Dean Douglas Brown opened Thursday morning with an amazing message on the promises of God. We must remember God’s trustworthiness, rely on God’s trustworthiness, and rest in God’s trustworthiness. When we apply these things to our lives we are trusting in the assurance and security that we can find in our Savior.

Mr. Tim Capon was the second speaker for Thursday. Speaking on the subject of revitalization within our ministries, he addressed Jesus’s charge to ministers. In Revelation 2:1-7, we can see the charge to the church of Ephesus. John is bringing attention to the purpose of the members of the church and their drive to strive for excellence in Christ.

Dr. Brent Belford closed Thursday’s sessions with a great message on the “Ultimate Test of Faith.” He used Abraham’s faith as a guide for these three tests. The first test, your calling to obedience, requires a commitment to follow Christ with an eternal focus. The second test, your family and trust in Christ, requires a commitment to factor in the power of God. We cannot rely on our own strength for our walk in Christ. The final test of faith, your death and endurance, requires a commitment to finish with unflinching trust. In Christ, we can have peace in the end of our ministry lives. Through this unflinching faith, we can have assurance at the end of our lives.

As Refresh Conference comes to a close, let us continue to open our hearts to receive the Word of God.


Friday, February 5, 2021

Refresh Conference 2021 came to a wonderful end on Friday with Dr. Paul Hartog opening the first session with an amazing message titled “God’s Grace and Our Faithfulness.” Dr. Paul used the great story of John Newton as a basis for the message concerning God’s “Amazing Grace.” Through God’s grace we have fellowship in the gospel, furtherance of love, fruitfulness of righteousness, and fulfillment of God’s work. “I am a great sinner, and Christ is a Great Savior.”

Dr. Jim Tillotson closed Refresh Conference with a sermon on God’s unending faithfulness. We rarely truly grasp the concept of God’s faithfulness in every aspect of our lives, and when we do, we take it for granted. God is faithful in answering prayer, ministry, provision, and more.

A very special thank you to all of the amazing speakers in the sessions and workshops, as well as Ben Everson for his ministry of music at each session.

Looking forward to next year’s conference!

“Great is Thy Faithfulness, O God my Father…. All I have needed, Thy hand hath provided. Great is Thy Faithfulness, Lord, unto me.”