October 7, 2022

Norman and Yvonne Hoag served faithfully as pastor and wife for more than 40 years in six different churches in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Iowa. This year marks a very significant milestone for Reverend Hoag and for Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary. September 12, 2022, marked his 50th year of service on the board of directors at Faith. Even after 50 years, Hoag is still a regular attender of board meetings, and his wisdom and insight are invaluable assets to FBBC&TS.

Norman was saved as a teenager after his brother witnessed to him while home from college on Easter break. After graduating from high school, he earned his Th.B. degree from Baptist Bible Seminary in Johnson City, New York, and his M.A. degree from Faith Baptist Theological Seminary. While attending Baptist Bible Seminary, he helped start a branch church in Allentown, Pennsylvania. It was at that point he knew the Lord had called him into full-time ministry as a pastor.

Reverend Hoag served as senior pastor at First Baptist Church in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, from 1956-1958; at Troy Baptist Church in Garrettsville, Ohio, from 1958-1961; at Fellowship Baptist Church in Lorain, Ohio, from 1961-1966; at First Baptist Church in Beech Grove, Indiana, from 1966-1972; at First Baptist Church in Creston, Iowa, from 1972-1984; and at Ankeny Baptist Church from 1984-1998.

Reverend Hoag served on the board of trustees at numerous camps and Baptist Homes in Indiana, Iowa, and Ohio, as well as the Council of Ten in Indiana and Iowa. He and Yvonne have three children: Thomas, Timothy, and Cheryl.

Iowa Association of Regular Baptist Churches State Representative and FBBC&TS board member Tim Capon describes Hoag’s legacy well:

“In all of the years I have known Pastor Hoag, as a board member, a pastor, and a friend, he has exemplified Christian graciousness, humility, and what it means to be a faithful servant,” said Capon.

Thank you, Norman and Yvonne Hoag, for 50 years of faithful ministry as a pastor and wife, and board member at Faith, and for championing our mission to send the Word to the World.