October 13, 2023

Glenn and Jane Amos have been faithful servants in pastoral and college ministry for nearly 50 years. They have three children: Luke who is married to Trisha, Abigail who is married to Chuck Dubbe, and John Mark who is married to Elizabeth. They also have nine beautiful grandchildren. Glenn and Jane currently serve as lead pastor and wife of Heritage Baptist Church in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania. Glenn also serves as chaplain for the Clarks Summit Police Department.

Glenn grew up in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, a suburb of Philadelphia. After a year of study in architecture at Temple University in Philadelphia, Glenn’s youth pastor challenged Glenn to consider pastoral ministry. A short time later, Glenn went to hear Dr. David Nettleton speak, and the trajectory of Glenn’s life was changed. “Dr. Nettleton won me over,” Glenn recently recalled. “He made me feel as though Faith would have to close its doors if I didn’t come!”

Dr. Nettleton’s unique sales pitch worked, and Glenn enrolled at Faith in 1972. During new student orientation, he met Jane. Reminiscing on that first meeting, Glenn said, “For me, it was love at first sight. For Jane, not so much. It took some convincing!” The two were married in 1975 and have served the Lord faithfully together for 48 years.

Those years of ministry have included 28 years of pastoral ministry in churches in Iowa, Illinois, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, and 20 years of ministry as a staff member at two colleges. Glenn served as Director of Public Relations and Recruitment at FBBC from 1991 to 1993. He then served for 18 years at Baptist Bible College (now Clarks Summit University) in a variety of roles: Director of Admissions, Vice President of Enrollment Services, and Director of Church Relations. In 2011, Glenn and Jane entered their current ministry at Heritage Baptist Church.

In their current ministry, Glenn and Jane are rejoicing in what God is doing. They recently described the church family they serve as one with increasing fervor to make disciples. Glenn said, “We’re seeing a changing spirit and attitude in our church—a genuine interest in and concern for one another and for new people both saved and unsaved. We’re seeing a growing desire for discipleship–making disciples who make disciples!”

Looking back on their years of ministry, Glenn summarized the most important lesson they have learned this way: “Jane says we should love people, those who know Jesus and those who need to know Jesus. People want to be loved. I absolutely agree and would add that, with all of our knowledge, understanding, education, and experience, God alone must change hearts. If God isn’t at work, it doesn’t matter what we do.”

Thank you, Glenn and Jane Amos, for nearly five decades of faithful service in pastoral and college ministry. We honor you today for faithfully working to make disciples who, in turn, make disciples. You have been faithful servants who have taken the Word to the World.