August 14, 2017

Luke Snell (’12, ’15) and his wife, Bethany (Spink; ’08, ’09), have just reached their 100% support goal and are packing their bags to leave as missionaries to Germany. Their long-awaited time for departure is finally coming up, and they are eager to hit the field in Germany next month.

Both Luke and Bethany chose to attend Faith after visiting the college with their youth groups while in high school. Bethany came from Ohio and Luke from Colorado. Before meeting Luke, Bethany traveled to Germany with the Faith Chorale on a European Chorale Tour. While there she saw the immense need for Christ in Germany.

“I was drawn to Germany after seeing so many caught up in Catholicism,” Bethany explained. “It was surprising to see how committed many of the people were to the church, yet totally deceived by the lies they were being taught. I remember visiting one cathedral and watching a lady come in and crawl on her knees all the way up the aisle and across the front and back, weeping and wailing the whole time. That experience especially tugged at my heart and showed me the huge need the Germans had for the gospel.”

Like Bethany, God used a European Chorale Tour to change Luke’s heart toward missions in Germany. He saw the need for more churches and church planters in Germany, and he was impressed by how much the German Christians loved spending precious time with each other and fellowshipping as a body of Christ.

Luke and Bethany finally met through their time in the music ministries at Faith—the Faith Chorale, the Faith Community Orchestra, and the New Life music ministry team. They were married in August of 2011, just before Luke began his senior year.

“One thing that is neat is how God worked in each of our hearts separately to draw us to Germany,” they explained, “and then brought us together as a couple, before we realized that we shared the same burden. We love to look back and see God’s sovereignty in our lives.”

As the Snells embarked on deputation, God was teaching them to wait patiently and to trust His plan and timing. “While it’s been a long process, it has been full of joys and blessings. It always amazes us to watch as God works in the hearts of people and churches to partner with us.” And after much traveling and meetings, God brought in all their needed support for them to leave for the field.

When the Snells depart for Germany in September, they will begin their ministry in Neumarkt serving alongside Faith alumni, Mark and Leslie Boyd. A Bible study has been developing in Neumarkt over the past year, and the Snells will be arriving just as the Bible study officially transitions into a church. We are excited to see the Snell’s new ministry in Germany as they take the Word to the World.