May 14, 2024

Congratulation to Pat Duer for 50 years of full-time service to Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary.

The theme of this school year has been “Soldier On. Train. Endure.” Perhaps no one associated with Faith exemplifies that theme better than Pat Duer. Today, Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary honors Pat for 50 years of service to the Faith family. After a half-century of faithful service, Pat has decided to retire from her position as Accounting Manager. Her last day as an employee will be September 13, 2024. We sincerely thank Pat for her dedication to the Lord and the college and seminary.

Pat’s interest in Faith Baptist Bible College began after a ladies’ group representing the college visited Pat’s home church, First Baptist Church in Russell, Iowa. That visit changed the trajectory of Pat’s life. Instead of going to Indian Hills Community College in Centerville, Iowa, to study accounting after her graduation from Albia High School, Pat left for Ankeny to begin classes in the fall of 1970. At that time, Faith’s campus included only four buildings, but its student population was 401.

Over the next four years, Pat was part of a historic era. The campus and enrollment continued to grow. Pat’s class was the first to meet for classes in Gray Hall. Her class was also the first to graduate on campus as construction on the gymnasium was completed in 1974. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Christian Education. The Monday after her graduation, Pat started working for the school, filling various roles in the business office. The date was May 13, 1974. The Monday after this year’s commencement–May 13, 2024–will mark Pat’s 50th anniversary as a Faith employee in the business office.

It is commendable to stay in a job for five decades, but it is even more praiseworthy to excel in that job and maintain a standard of excellence for all those years. Her former boss Del Mohler described Pat’s contribution to Faith in this way: “Pat Duer is a remarkable gift from God to Faith. For decades she has carefully, diligently, and faithfully worked to assure financial integrity and commendable stewardship of the resources God has provided. Her efficiency, accuracy, and integrity have distinguished her selfless commitment to the Lord, His people, and His school.”

Pat’s faithful service extends beyond campus, as well. She serves in the hospitality ministry at Community Baptist Church here in Ankeny. She encourages her church family and others by praying faithfully for them, regularly following up to ask how the Lord is meeting a particular need. Pat’s friends are quick to praise her for her genuine love for God and others. Longtime coworker, friend, and fellow church member Sally McFarling said, “Pat is a very faithful, dedicated servant to the Lord. She is definitely a ‘doer’ as she is always willing to help and encourage everyone in any way possible.” Priscilla Miller likewise noted her friend’s commitment to God and others. She said, “Pat has three loves: God, her family, and her friends.”

When she is not keeping the books balanced or serving in other ways, Pat enjoys a few hobbies. She is an avid gardener who enjoys sharing produce with friends and young families. She is also a faithful supporter of Eagles athletics, a love that began as a student and continues today. In 1979, Pat became Faith’s first women’s basketball coach, a position she held for four-and-a-half seasons. Since 1985 she has been the college’s official scorer for volleyball and basketball.

Serving God faithfully for 50 years in the accounting office epitomizes the theme of the 2023-2024 school year. Pat has soldiered on through the ups and downs of Faith’s history. She has served under ten presidents. She was part of the enrollment boom in the 1970s, and she has witnessed the steady enrollment growth of the 2020s. She has seen academic programs added and buildings built. Through it all, Pat has been a constant at Faith for a half-century. Such endurance is worthy of honor.

Therefore, in recognition of a lifetime of Christian service, a commitment to excellence in her work, and the use of the talents that God has given her to support Faith’s mission, we sincerely thank and congratulate Pat Duer for 50 years of full-time service to Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary.