May 12, 2020

Faith Baptist Theological Seminary (FBTS) is excited to offer a completely redesigned Hebrew language program, beginning this fall. The program offers restructured exegesis courses, three new advanced language classes, and a new refresher module for those who have lost and want to relearn their Hebrew.

All courses are available remotely through ZOOM video-conferencing.

Restructured Exegesis Courses

FBTS has redesigned its Hebrew Exegesis courses, focusing on prose in Hebrew Exegesis I and poetry in Hebrew Exegesis II. This new structure will help students better grasp the distinctive features of each genre.

New Advanced Language Courses

Three new courses in advanced Hebrew will be offered on a 3-year rotation, beginning this May.

  • Hebrew Exegesis III – This course will provide students an advanced understanding of Hebrew syntax.
  • Advanced Hebrew Narrative – Students will study Hebrew narrative and increase their ability to transition from reading the text to developing a sermon outline.
  • Advanced Hebrew Poetry – Students will study Hebrew poetry and prepare sermon outlines from the text.

Refresh Your Hebrew Module

“After taking this one-week refresher course, I believe student’s Hebrew will be retrieved and ready to use.” –Dr. Timothy Little

One of the most notable improvements is a new class, “Refresh Your Hebrew,” for those who once learned but have since lost their Hebrew.

“I’ve talked to a lot of pastors whose Hebrew is gone. They think it’s irretrievable. But from my personal experience, I think if they took a refresher course it would come back to them very quickly,” explained Dr. Little.

Offered January 4-8, 2021, this course is available for anyone who has taken at least a year of Hebrew and wants to regain the language. Students will prepare vocabulary before class, spend the first several days of class reviewing grammar, and finish by translating a passage.

Those who want to continue refreshing their Hebrew can then enroll in Hebrew Exegesis II for the Spring, 2021 semester.

Dr. Little also offers “A Little Hebrew,” a resource for those who want to keep the language. These 1-2 minute daily videos available at,  show the translation of a Hebrew verse and offer insights from the text.

The value of learning Hebrew, as Dr. Little states, is that “knowing Hebrew gives you the confidence that you are accurately and correctly preaching the Word of God.”

Whether you want to relearn your Hebrew, increase your knowledge, or learn for the first time, Faith’s language program offers a solution for you.

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