March 25, 2021

Faith Baptist Bible College commemorates its 20th annual Walton Lecture Series this week with three days of chapel messages by Dr. David Doran, the same speaker who led the first Walton Series in 2002. Dr. Doran is the president of Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary and the pastor of Inter-City Baptist Church in Allen Park, Michigan.

The Walton Lecture Series was named after Dr. Arthur B. Walton, a longtime faculty member at Faith. Dr. Walton joined the faculty at Omaha Baptist Bible College in 1960. He taught full-time for 41 years at Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary and served as an adjunct professor for four more years after he retired from full-time teaching, totaling 45 years of service to Faith. He went to be with the Lord on August 16, 2013.

The original purpose of the series was to provide an opportunity for students and visitors alike to hear qualified men of God articulate Biblical truth and to glorify God by correlating this truth to subjects and issues that are relevant to the needs of the current generation.

The concept behind the event originated in 1973 with the school’s first annual “Pastoral Lecture Series.” In 1974, the name of the series changed to “The Staley Distinguished Christian Scholar Lecture Program,” mostly to receive grant money from the Thomas F. Staley Foundation. In 2002, the Staley Lecture Series was changed to the Walton Lecture Series. Solid Bible preaching has been a staple of daily chapel services at Faith for the last 100 years.

Dr. Walton is affectionately remembered by thousands of students who took his courses during their college careers. He was also a well-respected writer who wrote numerous adult Sunday School curriculums for Regular Baptist Press.

“Dr. Walton is known for his classes on the Old Testament prophets, his sense of humor, his obvious love for his students, and his homemade salsa” (The Faith Witness, Spring 2000).