May 14, 2018

“The ideas and concepts that I have taken away from Faith are being implemented into the classroom every day.”
—Caleb Eloe

For life.  For ministry.  Like so many other Faith graduates, Caleb Eloe’s (’17) occupation and life were greatly impacted by his time at Faith Baptist Bible College, where he met his wife, Ana (Palomino), and where his foundational philosophy of teaching was established.

While many college students begin their education unsure of what God has called them to do with the rest of their lives, Eloe knew that God was calling him into education well before attending Faith.

“When I was in sixth grade, I had a teacher who poured into and invested into my life every opportunity she had,” said Eloe.  “I decided later on in high school that it was something that I wanted to have the opportunity to do as well.”

A native of Shelbyville, Illinois, both of Caleb’s parents are Faith graduates, so the decision to attend Faith Baptist Bible College was always an option.  While he knew God was calling him into education, there was one minor twist along the way.

“As I started my career at Faith I always had the intention of going back into the public school to teach,” said Eloe.  “As I progressed through the program at Faith, God changed my heart and led me into Christian school ministry.”

After graduating, Caleb was able to put his instruction in the classroom to immediate use as one of this year’s new fifth grade teachers at Grandview Christian School in Des Moines, Iowa.  As he finishes up his first year of teaching in a full-time capacity, he understands and appreciates the significance of his education at Faith Baptist Bible College.

“The value that Faith has on my teaching ministry and life is inexpressible,” said Caleb. “Faith taught me that having a firmly rooted relationship with God is the most important aspect of your life and ministry (teaching). The ideas and concepts that I have taken away from Faith are being implemented into the classroom every day.”

Caleb has fond memories of his years at Faith, especially in regards to the meaningful relationships he established—relationships that have impacted his career and the rest of his life.

“One of the things that I really enjoyed while I was at Faith was the friendships that were made,” said Caleb.  “Faith is a very small school which allows it to be personable, not only with other students but with the professors as well.”

Of all the friends Caleb made in college, one is most significant: His wife, Ana.  Caleb and Ana met during a car ride around Ankeny with a group of friends.  He struggled with the courage to talk to her before then and Caleb knew it was his best opportunity.  Once he broke through his nervousness, he and Ana began spending time together with a group of friends and, as Eloe recalls, “the rest is history!”

Caleb and Ana are members of Community Baptist Church in Ankeny where they are actively involved in the AWANA program, children’s church ministry, and nursery.  They are excited to do some traveling during the summer months and also to do some renovations to their home.

When he returns to Grandview Christian for his second year of teaching this fall, Caleb will continue to implement the foundational teaching philosophies he learned at Faith.  He’s joyful for the privilege of teaching young people truths from God’s Word every day and he prays, daily, that God will give him patience and wisdom as an educator.

“My philosophy as a teacher is to pierce the hearts and minds of the younger generation with the truths in God’s Word no matter what subject is being taught,” said Eloe.  “Faith has prepared me to fulfill my philosophy as a teacher in the Christian school.”