July 13, 2022

For the first time since 2010, the Faith Baptist Bible College Music Department is releasing a new album. “Stand Firm” is a collection of 14 songs from the 2022 Chorale Tour. It will be available for purchase through the Faith Bookstore beginning August 1, 2022.

Dr. Christopher Ellis led the production of the album and is excited to share the finished product with the world at a time when hope is desperately needed.

“As we witnessed the events of the past two years and saw greater attacks on Christianity, I thought it would be good to select music that could help us be reminded to hold fast to what we believe,” said Dr. Ellis. “The armor of God passage in Ephesians came to mind, and so I tried to select pieces that would relate to the tools God has given us to Stand Firm against the wiles of the devil.”

The album contains approximately 60 minutes worth of sacred music. “A Mighty Fortress,” arranged by Dan Forrest, sets the tone of the album on a bold and powerful note as the opening piece. The old familiar hymn “Blessed Assurance” anchors the middle of the soundtrack with a beautiful blend of alternating verses between the men and women. The song “In God We Trust, In God Alone” begins to wind the album down in a majestic and heart-stirring manner, while the final two songs close with quiet reflection on the protection of God’s loving arms. Here is a complete list of songs on the album:

  1. A Mighty Fortress – arr. Dan Forrest
  2. God’s Word, My Guide – James Koerts
  3. Create in Me a Clean Heart – Victor C. Johnson
  4. Everlasting Life – David Rasbach
  5. When Love Came Down – arr. Larry Shackley
  6. By Faith – arr. Richard A. Nicholas
  7. My Hope is Jesus – Brian Büda
  8. Arise, My Soul, Arise – arr. Dan Forrest
  9. Blessed Assurance – arr. Tom Fettke
  10. This is My Word – Pepper Choplin
  11. Reach the World – arr. Russell Mauldin
  12. In God We Trust, In God Alone – arr. Megan H. Morgan
  13. Do Not Be Afraid – Philip W. J. Stopford
  14. Come to Me – Dan Forrest (sung by the Faith Chamber Choir)


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