October 31, 2019

Faith’s newest traveling music team, Uplift, is ready for ministry.

The six-member group began this fall, inspired by Dr. Christopher Ellis, who mentioned to a few students that he was interested in getting a small group together that was eager to use its talents for ministry.

The group includes Seth Thompson, Logan Scheps, Emma Pedersen, Brianna Carroll, Karis Giegerich, and Alicia Smith (piano). They performed in chapel for the first time on October 22 and ministered to their first church in Ottumwa, Iowa, on October 27.

The Uplift group will be traveling to churches across Iowa and the Midwest and will tailor the length of the program to the needs of each individual church. They will do anything from one song for special music, to several songs, to a full service with preaching by the group leader, Seth Thompson.

Songs were selected by Dr. Ellis, and contain a variety of theological truths. A few of the songs Uplift has been practicing include Come Thou Fount, My Hope is Jesus, and Day by Day.

Next semester, the group is looking forward to learning and performing some new music from Majesty Hymns. If you would like to schedule Uplift, you can contact Dana Blomberg at blombergd@faith.edu.