September 12, 2022

Jacob and Sydni Kirkwood officially began their duties as one of two traveling representative teams for Faith Baptist Bible College on August 28, 2022. They will spend the next nine months visiting churches, schools, and conferences from coast to coast.

The Kirkwoods are both graduates of Faith Baptist Bible College. Jacob graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Studies with emphases in Greek and Biblical Counseling. Sydni graduated in 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in Local Church Discipleship Ministries, with a minor in Office Administration and an emphasis in Biblical Counseling. The Kirkwoods were married in 2021.

Most of their September travels will be spent in the Midwest, with a brief return to campus for FaithFest on September 17. After that, Jacob and Sydni will hit Michigan, South Carolina, New England, California, and Florida, to name a few. The Kirkwoods are excited to travel together, to represent the school, and to build relationships with pastors, parents, school administrators, and students across the United States. They both believe relationships and an emphasis on discipleship are the keys to continued growth at Faith, which saw a 15-year high in enrollment this fall.

“Post-COVID, there weren’t any numerical indicators that we should grow,” said Jacob. “On paper, no college or university was designed to grow in this current environment.  We knew growth had to be built on intentional, individual relationships. It’s getting to know individual students, investing in them, and hoping they catch the vision of what is happening at Faith.”

The vision they will be emphasizing to potential students is one of discipleship. The culture of discipleship at Faith is one they experienced as students first-hand.

“Once we get kids on campus, they see that it’s a reality of what the heartbeat is here, which is discipleship,” said Sydni. “We’re not trying to be flashy or big or extravagant; we are just trying to reflect what our school is. Our school is very heavy on loving other people and building relationships.”

As the Kirkwoods visit churches and Christian schools, Jacob is excited for the opportunity to share God’s Word numerous times per week, on average. As a current seminarian, it is an opportunity for him to practice what he is learning in preparation for becoming a pastor someday. A typical week will include Sunday services at one or more churches in the morning and evening, with weekdays spent at Christian schools and conferences.

Look for Jacob and Sydni Kirkwood at a church or school near you! If you would like to schedule the Kirkwoods to give a presentation to your ministry, contact