March 15, 2016

Although sometimes we seem to “fall into” right where God wants us, other times we know exactly where God is leading us, and we just follow. David DeLeon (99’) came to Faith Baptist Bible College responding to God’s calling in his life.

David came to Faith at age 25 after several years of wrestling with the Lord’s leading to the pastorate. Once David decided to pursue ministry, attending Faith was the obvious next step. There were many Faith alumni in his home state of Arizona while he was a teenager, and Faith was heavily promoted there. Since he knew God’s calling to be a pastor, enrolling in the Pastoral Studies program was an easy choice.

A couple years after graduating, David became the pastor of Open Door Baptist Church (ODBC) in New Woodstock, New York. “It’s a wonderful country church in the hills and woods of central New York State. I also have the privilege of working with an assistant pastor, Paul Brown, who is also a Faith graduate.” ODBC has also sent students to Faith in previous years with two currently attending, and we enjoy our partnership with them.

While at Faith, Pastor DeLeon participated in the spring drama productions and served as student body chaplain his senior year. He also met his wife, Naomi, at Faith who was on staff at the time.

A challenge for Pastor DeLeon is the strong liberal culture of the East Coast and specifically of New York. He said there can tend to be a general distrust of ministers, but is thankful that those who are committed to Christ are committed anywhere they go.

God has given Pastor DeLeon and ODBC great opportunities to serve in the community through holiday events year-round. “Serving Christ (and especially the full-time ministry) is a battlefield, not a playground. It sounds negative, but it’s in the midst of battle that I find the most opportunity to practice faith and grow in Christ.”

“I cherish the relationships I built with staff and other students and my love for Urbandale Baptist Church. I learned that the Church is God’s program for this age and never to be without a church home. Faith taught me to be a lifetime student of the Word. This has affected every single aspect of ministry for me.