December 3, 2019

The end of the 2019-20 school year will mark the end of a 26-year career at Faith Baptist Bible College for Mrs. Melody Mains, who will be retiring as Executive Assistant to the Academic Vice President.

Mrs. Mains has served in her current role all 26 years at Faith. She has had six different supervisors during her tenure, beginning with Dr. George Houghton in 1994.

“I’ve enjoyed working with all of my supervisors and with everyone at Faith,” said Mrs. Mains. “I have loved working in a Christian environment, and this job filled a need for me coming off the mission field as a widow at the time I was hired.”

Prior to her career at Faith, Melody was a missionary to Bogota, Colombia. She earned her Bachelor of Science from Faith Baptist Bible College and her Master of Arts from Faith Baptist Theological Seminary.

Faith is currently accepting applications to fill this full-time position, which is housed in Jordan Hall. Some of the responsibilities in this role include supervising faculty office assistants, assisting with Accreditation reports, serving as the Christian Service secretary, and assisting with assessment.