April 15, 2019

A famous 1868 painting by George P.A. Healy known as The Peacemakers illustrates President Lincoln, General Ulysses S. Grant, General Sherman, and Admiral David Dixon Porter in one of the most critical meetings of our nation’s history. It was a strategy session that would ultimately determine a resolution to the end of the Civil War. As Admiral Dixon Porter would later recall, “A single false step might have prolonged it indefinitely.”

Pastor Scott (’84) and Marti (Benson ex’81) Owen, of Baptist Church Planters, are peacemaking agents in a civil war of their own, helping churches in conflict and supervising the ministry to churches in pastoral transition. Pastor Owen’s role as the Director of Intentional Transitional Ministries is a new mission for him and Marti. They felt called to this ministry in October of 2017 and are in the partner-raising portion of their new journey—a journey that contains many obstacles as churches wage their own versions of “civil war.”

“There are many challenges, but the ones closest to our hearts involve churches that have strayed from the great commission because they are failing at the great commandments,” said Pastor Owen. “Too many churches are inflicted with conflict or apathy and lack a proper testimony to reach people for Christ. They are unable to support missions and are in no position to plant churches.  We want to address these issues.”

Pastor Owen is originally from Fort Dodge, Iowa, and chose Faith Baptist Bible College after his senior year at Grandview Park Baptist High School in Des Moines. Marti is originally from Wellman, Iowa. They met during their freshman year at Faith and were married in the middle of Pastor Owen’s junior year.

“I came to faith with little direction and left it better equipped and with a desire to serve God vocationally,” said Pastor Owen. “The theological training and pedagogical equipping all contributed to a solid base on which to build future experience.”

Pastor Owen graduated with his degree in Christian Education and later pursued graduate study work at Trinity Seminary in Newburgh, Indiana. He and Marti have four adult children and five grandchildren.

Prior to their current ministry with Baptist Church Planters, the Owens have over 30 years of pastoral experience, serving as a solo pastor in two churches, and as an associate in three. Pastor Owen is a certified counselor with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors and the Institute for Christian Conciliation. He is also the owner of Hope in Conflict L.C.

As Pastor and Mrs. Owen work to keep peace with churches going through times of conflict, Pastor Owen has some important advice to those considering missions or pastoral ministry:

“Learn how to help people through the Bible,” said Pastor Owen. “Support the sufficiency of the Scriptures by adding to your doctrine training on Biblical counseling. Study it until it transforms your life and spills out as humility and mercy toward others.”

The Owens sending church is CrossRoad Baptist of Ames where they have served for over 11 years. If you would like to partner with the Owens, you can do so by visiting the BCP web page and clicking on the donation button next to Pastor Owen’s biography.


“Yet perhaps nowhere do we learn more about Lincoln even now than in a portrait (The Peacemakers) that I talked about last month off the coast of Malta before meeting Chairman Gorbachev. It is, as this one is, by George Healy, and hangs on the wall of my office upstairs. And in it you see the agony and the greatness of a man who nightly fell on his knees to ask the help of God. The painting shows two of his generals and an admiral meeting near the end of a war that pitted brother against brother. And outside at the moment a battle rages. And yet what we see in the distance is a rainbow—a symbol of hope, of the passing of the storm.”
George H. W. BushRemarks Introducing the Presidential Lecture Series, January 7th, 1990.