February 25, 2022

By Megan Hutchinson
Student Writer

The Uplift Ministry Team was expecting a small crowd when it arrived at Calvary Baptist Church in Chatfield, Minnesota, the evening of February 12. It was, after all, Super Bowl Sunday. When the evening was over, it was evident that it wasn’t just the surprisingly large audience that was “uplifted,” but the seven members of the team who made the journey as well. It’s a theme that has played out consistently this year as the team has traveled across the Midwest.

Faith’s Uplift Ministry Team consists of a small group of student musicians (three men and four women) who travel to churches within six hours from campus, ministering with their voices and piano to encourage congregations. This school year, the members of the team are (pictured above, left to right) Alexa LaFleur, Tanner Bladine, Brianna Carroll, Jason Bausch, Emma Pedersen, Logan Scheps, and Gracelynn McCoy.

This past Sunday, February 20, the team traveled to Colchester, Illinois, to minister at First Baptist Church. They enjoyed visiting a new environment, an enriching time of fellowship, and meeting new people. The attendees afterward were very encouraging, which showed the team that their ministry does make a difference and uplifts people in Christ. Being able to minister through music is personally encouraging to them because it shows that the Lord is working in spite of them. Even though they may be tired or stressed, God still uses them to glorify Himself. Many people expressed their gratitude and said they were blessed by the performance.

Senior Brianna Carroll spoke about her experiences on the Uplift Team. Everywhere they go, she is reminded of the importance of communicating the meaningful words to the audience, especially through facial expressions. “It’s really unique to be able to worship the Lord but also communicate that on your face… worshiping and trying to bring the congregation along with you to help them see these truths that you’re singing about,” she said. For the team, car rides to and from every destination are always a wonderful time of bonding and amusement.

Brianna also spoke about how God has been growing her during her time on Uplift. For her, being encouraged by fellow teammates has been huge. “For example,” she explained, “we give testimonies as we go out and travel. Almost every time I hear someone’s testimony, it’s like it is new and I hadn’t heard it before, or they just share it in such a way that’s really meaningful. A huge bonding experience is being able to get to that level of intimacy where you know what God has been doing in their lives, and you’re hearing that weekly.”

One of the big ways God speaks to people through the team is with the songs they sing. For Brianna, one song that God is using to grow her is “Give Me Jesus.” The lyrics are very simple, but much can be gleaned from them. “In the morning when I rise, give me Jesus.” They are simple words, yet so profound. Brianna explained, “I often think to myself, ‘Is that actually what I pray in the morning? Is that my heart attitude? When I’m alone, do I seek Jesus or these other places of refuge?’”

The team is excited to keep visiting different churches and see how God continues to work through their ministry. As they aspire to uplift pastors and congregations, it is evident the blessing has been reciprocal as the team itself continues to experience God’s goodness.

If you would like to schedule the Uplift Ministry Team to minister to your church, fill out a request form here. To see if Uplift is coming to a location near you, check out their schedule for the rest of the spring semester here.