August 31, 2020

We pick up our story behind the motto, “With the Word to the World,” in a recent interview with Dr. Michael O’Doonan, who described what happened in the months following the announcement of the school’s motto:

“Then the idea came up, ‘why doesn’t Mr. Bergerson write a cantata, With the Word to the World?’” said O’Doonan. “My wife, who is now with the Lord, was asked to supply the words to the cantata. Gladys wrote the words and supplied them to Mr. Bergerson. Mr. Bergerson was a wonderfully gifted musician. It was first performed by the Chorale at the fall banquet in one of the buildings of the old Omaha stockyards.”

We know from accounts of The Faith Witness that the cantata was later performed at kick-off banquets for missionary conferences in 1966 and 1971. Here are the words of the chorus from the “With the Word to the World” cantata:

With the Word to the World. To every creature far and near.

With the Word to the World. Let all the Gospel message hear!

With the Word to the World. Salvation is offered to all.

With the Word to the World. Will you answer His call?


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