April 13, 2020

Faith is making some exciting changes for the upcoming fall semester for the Women’s Ministry emphasis. According to Dr. Ken Rathbun, Vice President for Academic Services and College Dean, the program will make the following changes for next school year:

“Mrs. Tami Herron will join the program as an adjunct instructor in Women’s Ministries,” said Dr. Rathbun. “In the fall, she will teach the two-credit-hour elective M-LC 311 Women of the Old Testament, and in the spring she will teach the two-credit-hour elective M-LC 312 Women of the New Testament.”

Mrs. Herron brings 40 years of teaching experience, plus countless hours of counseling women. Her classes would have no prerequisites and are open to any female college student.

Mrs. Herron joins Mrs. Faith Taylor, who will change from an adjunct professor to a full-time assistant professor with the title of Director of Women’s Ministries.

“Mrs. Taylor will teach a full load of Women’s Ministries courses and will continue her responsibilities as our Title IX Coordinator,” said Dr. Rathbun.

Mrs. Taylor has more than 25 years of practical experience of her own that she loves sharing with students. Together with Mrs. Herron, the Women’s Ministry program now offers more than 65 years of combined teaching and counseling expertise to young women.

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