We look forward to welcoming you to campus to start your Faith experience!  Below is the information and necessary forms that must be read and completed before starting classes this fall. Please have these forms done entirely by August 1. This will allow for a shortened registration time and enable moving into the dorms sooner after arrival.

Please read through each of the sections of the information carefully and complete each form.  A fast track registration checklist is available for you to track your progress.  You will receive a confirmation email after the successful submission of each form.  If you have questions as you go through this page, please contact the Admissions Office (admissions@faith.edu or 1.888.324.8448).

Fast Track Registration Checklist    Fall 2022 When to Arrive    Fall 2022 Orientation Schedule

New Student Down Payment

New Student Down Payment by August 1

A down payment is required of all students who plan to enroll at Faith. New students are required to submit a down payment of $1,500 on their first-semester bill by August 1 to confirm their enrollment. Students will be unable to attend classes until the down payment has been paid. You may pay the down payment by: 

  • Submitting a payment through your Populi account. Payments may be completed in Populi under My Profile->Financial->Dashboard, and by selecting the “Make a Payment” button located in the top right corner of the page.  You will not see a charge for your down payment, but you will enter the down payment amount at the bottom of the page.
  • Mailing a check to Faith Baptist Bible College Attn: Student Accounts 1900 NW 4th St. Ankeny, IA 50023. Please include the student’s name with your payment.

Make Your New Student Down Payment

Populi Information

Populi Information

Explanation and Log-In Information: Populi is Faith’s information management system where you can view your student information, charges, financial aid, class schedule, and more under the “My Profile” tab. Once you have reserved your spot as a student, you will receive an email from Computer Services with login information. If you have not yet been accepted, you will receive your login information once you have been accepted.

Financial Information

Payment Plan Options

All school bills will be paid through the Student Accounts Office. There are two payment options:

  1. Paying the semester balance in full (charges minus financial aid and deposits) by the first two weeks of classes.
  2. Pay the entire year balance (charges minus financial aid and deposits) by automatic monthly payments. 

Student Account Payment Plan Form 

Please call Nancy Ellis for a payment plan consultation.  If you have any questions about payments or billing, please contact Student Accounts (studentbilling@faith.edu).

Financial Information

Charges: A list of charges may be found in Populi under My Profile->Financial->By Term. Select the current term: Fall 2022. The charges on your account are based on the number of credit hours for which you are pre-registered as well as any applicable fees. Charges may not appear on your account immediately after reserving your spot. If you have any questions about the charges on your account, please contact our Student Accounts Office (studentbilling@faith.edu)

Financial Aid: Financial Aid Information may be found in Populi under My Profile->Financial->By Term and also My Profile->Financial->Financial Aid. Once you have reserved your spot as a student and completed any additional paperwork from the Financial Aid Office, you will receive a Financial Aid Options Letter to inform you of the scholarships and/or loans for which you qualify. If you have not received a Financial Aid Options Letter or your financial awards information is not in Populi, please contact the Financial Aid Office (finaid@faith.edu).

Estimated Billing: An estimated billing statement for the semester may be found in Populi under My Profile->Financial->By Term: Fall 2022->Print Statement. For the statement layout, select “DRAFT Estimated Charges Term Statement (Default)” to generate a PDF document with your estimated bill. Please note that both the charges and financial aid information must be on your account for this estimated bill to be accurate. Please take a moment to go view your estimated bill on your Populi account. 

Health Services Information

Health History Information

In this form, all new students are required to provide emergency contacts and a detailed student medical history. 

Health History Form

Immunization Records Information

Faith Baptist Bible College requires proof of immunizations or proof of immunization exemption on file in Health Services prior to starting class in the fall. Please check the required immunizations carefully, and complete the form below. 

Required Immunizations:

  • DTP, TD, or Dtap (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis): Childhood Series (5 doses)
  • Tdap booster or tetanus booster within the past 10 years
  • Polio: Childhood Series (4-5 doses)
  • MMR-Measles, Mumps, and Rubella: Two doses of live vaccine must be given after the age of 12 months to students born after 1957.

Immunizations Strongly Encouraged: 

  • Meningococcal: Meningitis – please see Meningitis Notification below.
  • Hepatitis B – 3 doses
  • Hepatitis A  – 2 doses
  • Varicella: Chicken Pox Vaccine – 2 doses or had the disease

Other Vaccines Strongly Encouraged

  • Influenza
  • Pneumococcal

Meningitis Notification – To be in compliance with Iowa State law, we must furnish all students with information concerning meningococcal disease and the benefits of vaccination. The meningitis vaccination is not required, but we highly recommend it. If you have any questions regarding meningitis or the vaccination, please contact our Director of Health Services or your healthcare provider. 

Immunization Records Form (coming soon)

Student Insurance Information

Health Insurance is required of all students taking six or more credit hours. Students (taking six or more credit hours) will be enrolled in Faith’s Student Health Insurance Plan and will be charged for the school year premium unless you have an existing health insurance plan that will provide coverage while attending Faith (please check that your insurance will cover you in the state of Iowa). You may waive the school health insurance by submitting a copy of the front and back of your health insurance card. The school year premium will be added to your bill if you do not submit a copy of your Insurance card by the end of Orientation Week.

Student Insurance Form

If you have any questions about any of the health services information required, please contact our Director of Health Services (nihartk@faith.edu, cell-515.210.8363).

FERPA Information

This release form allows us to discuss your information with the people that you name. Please note that parents, spouses, and church are already included in this form. If you do not wish to give these individuals access to your information, then uncheck the box for the appropriate parties. If you do not wish to give access to anyone, then please enter your name and your Social Security number, but leave the form unsigned.

FERPA Release Form

If you have any questions as you are completing your FERPA Form, please contact the Registrar’s Office (registrar@faith.edu). 

Dining Services Information

FBBC&TS Dining Services functions as two distinct operations. Benson Dining Hall is the primary dining facility on campus and provides up to 19 meals per week, Monday through Sunday. Twigs Coffee Shop is a combination of coffee shop and convenience store, and it is located in the Nettleton Center/Student Center.

There are two meal plan options that students may choose. Both plans will cost $1,981 per semester.

  • Full Plan Up to 19 meals per week in Benson Dining Hall plus $100 cash equivalent to be used in Twigs Coffee Shop (required for all first-semester resident students)
  • Block Plan – 160 meals per semester in Benson Dining Hall and $350 cash equivalent to be used in Twigs Coffee Shop.

Meal Plan Selection Form

Meal plan selections are renewed each semester. Students who use their cash equivalent prior to the end of the semester can add additional monies into their account at any time by contacting the Dining Services Office. Changes in meal plans may only be made through the first week of any semester. 

Dining Service Information Page 

Additional Student Information

Statement of Purpose – We are so excited to have you as part of our 2022-23 student body! In order to make the most of this year, it’s important for all of us to have similar goals and a similar focus for the year. That is one of the benefits of our Student Handbook which puts all of our students on the same page and helps to produce an atmosphere that is conducive to spiritual growth. Written in the Student Handbook are five statements of purpose. We believe that these help us focus so that God can get the most out of us this year. Please review and sign this Statement of Purpose, which also contains Faith’s Internet/Network Agreement and a Media Agreement for the use of any pictures in publications that our Communications Department would use.

Computer Services Information

Technology Recommendations

Vehicle Registration Form  – Every student who owns a motor vehicle must register the vehicle with the Security Department.

Read the Student Handbook

Complete the Emergency Notification Form 

Orientation Schedule – Arrival Dates and Information

Fall Athletes Information

Students interested in participating in women’s volleyball, women’s soccer, men’s soccer, or cross country are required to attend tryout week (August 11-20). Click here for more information and to register for tryout week.

Human Resources Information

Faith Baptist Bible College hires students to work in several departments on campus, and we would be happy to consider you for employment. If you are looking for an on-campus job, please complete the employment application and return it to the Human Resources Department.

Student Employment Opportunities

Contact Admissions

Have questions? Contact us, and a member of our Admissions team would be glad to answer your questions by phone or email.