Tuesday Pre-Conference Workshops

Effective Women’s Ministry in the Local Church

Mrs. Faith Taylor │ 2:00-4:00 PM │ Ladies Only


Is a structured women’s ministry necessary, or can effective discipleship of women in the church happen organically? If you are burdened to begin a women’s ministry in your church, how might you go about it? Or if a women’s ministry already exists, how can you sustain it or further develop it? During this two-hour workshop, we will discuss the principles and practice of women’s ministry and have opportunity to glean from the experiences of others.

Getting Things Done in Ministry

Dr. Dennis Wilkening │ 2:00-4:00 PM


Do you feel overwhelmed in ministry? Do you constantly feel behind schedule? Do you tend to procrastinate? Then this session is for you. We will take time not only to explore the best practices and habits of good leaders, but also introduce to you an actual process for managing your workflow that is simple and easy to put into practice.

Wednesday Workshops

11:45 AM – 12:45 PM

Enduring and Thriving Financially in Retirement

Dr. Mike Hartwig


Wonder how God is going to take care of you in retirement?  Wonder what you can do now to prepare for the future?  We’ll consider strategies and practical things that you can do now to enjoy your retirement. We’ll look at four steps to take to make sure your financial house is in order.

The Messianic Psalms: Finding Jesus in the Psalter

Dr. Douglas Brown 


Is Jesus in the Psalms? Believe it or not, the answer to this question is hotly debated in Biblical scholarship. This workshop will explore how to find Messianic psalms, how to categorize them, and finally how to interpret them.

A Song in the Jungle

Mrs. Gracia Burnham │ Ladies Only


Gracia will share stories about how God changed her and sustained her and her husband during their year in the jungle.  She hopes that her story will encourage you to keep running your race.

Stabilizing Truths in Suffering

Dr. Josh Crockett


Ministry leaders often go through times of suffering and uncertainty. They are often maligned and attacked. We’ll look at stabilizing truths to overcome fear during times of attack and deep suffering.

The Expendable Leader

Mr. Chris Anderson 


The job of every pastor and missionary is to coach, not to star. We want to identify, train, and deploy Christians into ministry, not to horde them. Let’s discuss how we can multiply our ministries for God’s glory.

Wednesday Workshops

2:00 – 3:00 PM

Bearing Burdens Without Burnout

Pastor Joe Fant 


Relational ministry is dominated by helping believers navigate real world issues. Often the congregation expects the pastor to be with them through every high and low. In this workshop, we will discuss how to fulfill the command of bearing one another’s burdens without being crushed and experiencing burnout.

Hitting the Mark: A Program for Effective Church Discipleship

Dr. Marty Herron


Lawyers have strategies for cases, engineers have blueprints, coaches have game plans, chefs have recipes, and teachers have lesson plans. But, as believers, do we know where we are walking when it comes to our own spiritual life or those we are discipling? There are seven areas that reveal the primary objectives in discipling others.

Panel Discussion

Dr. Dean Taylor, Dr. Jim Tillotson,
Dr. Dennis Wilkening


Join Dr. Taylor, Dr. Wilkening, and Dr. Tillotson for a panel discussion on Church Planting, Evangelism, and Preaching. If you have questions you would like to submit ahead of time, please email those to Bri at harrierb@faith.edu.

Wisdom from the Song of Solomon: Teaching God’s Design for Love to the Next Generation

Dr. Tim Little  


Song of Solomon contains a message not only for married couples but also for the unmarried. This workshop unpacks Biblical proof for this position and discusses the Song’s authorially intended, non-allegorical message.

A Woman’s Response to Conflict and Criticism in the Church

Mrs. Faith Taylor │ Ladies Only


Due to the reality of sinners working side-by-side, ministry does not exist without conflict, and no one in ministry escapes criticism. While we naturally seek to avoid conflict, and while criticism is difficult to hear, both can be helpful—even necessary—for effective ministry. How can we navigate conflict and respond to criticism in a God-honoring and beneficial way?

Thursday Workshops

11:45 AM – 12:45 PM

Bible Study in a Digital Age With Logos

Mr. Jon Haley 


What if paper books are slowing you down? Discover how Logos Bible Software can help you take your teaching, preaching, and study to the next level. Whether you’re exploring cultural and historical context, doing in-depth exegesis, or studying the original Greek and Hebrew, Logos can equip you with the tools you need for modern ministry.

Fashions and Muslims and Paul Harvey, Oh, My!

Mrs. Gracia Burnham  │ Ladies Only


Gracia will share a jungle fashion “Show and Tell,” explain the beliefs of the Muslims who were holding them captive, and give a glimpse into “The Rest of the Story.”

Holy Distractions: The Place of Hobbies in the Life of a Pastor

Dr. Dean Taylor  


Outside pursuits can refresh your mind, body, and soul. We will explore the Biblical basis, benefits, cautions, and suggestions for hobbies in a vocational Christian minister’s life.

More Than a Guest

Dr. Dennis Wilkening


How does a church move people from first time guests to fully engaged members? The process is called assimilation, and we will be discussing and evaluating key elements of an effective process.

What is Christian Reconstructionism? The Revival of Postmillennialism in Evangelicalism

Seminary Q&A


Should New Testament Christians implement the Mosaic Law? What is the role of the Law in today’s society? What does theonomy mean? The seminary professors will give a short introduction to this topic and the rest of the time will be Q&A. Come hear the seminary faculty discuss these questions and more on the topic of Christian Reconstructionism in an open mic Q&A.  Bring your own burning questions regarding this topic to the workshop.

Symptoms and Solutions of Depression

Psalm 77 – A Psalm of Asaph

Dr. Les Ollila 


During the last several years of ministry in local churches, Charlene and I have observed that a number of people sit in church nicely dressed, smile appropriately, but their hearts are searching and their souls are troubled because the sweet memories of what used to be are overshadowed by the troubling circumstances of the present. Bitterness and subtle anger sometimes directed at God begin to occupy their minds instead of the sweet songs that used to be their experience. The present and past are two different worlds. Psalm 77 is a good description of what can happen while we are in the midst of living for the Lord. We will enjoy seeing the answers that the Psalmist gives.

Thursday Workshops

2:00 – 3:00 PM

Be Careful…Be Faithful: Cultivating Strong Marriages in a Challenging Culture

Mr. Tim Capon  


Challenging may not be a strong enough word. Corrupt may be more accurate. Marriage  as God created it continues to be under attack. It is imperative for the sake of our own marriages…for the sake of our children…for the sake of our churches…for the sake of those we counsel…for the sake of the gospel…that we work hard and trust God to give us strong and vibrant marriages.

The Danger of Good Customer Service

Pastor Kurt Skelly 


In a sincere effort to provide guests with a friendly, helpful, and hassle-free experience, many churches have unwittingly enculturated an ecclesiastical consumerism. Healthy churches understand the applications of Biblical hospitality to guests and members alike.

Early Christian Opposition to Abortion

Dr. Paul Hartog 


Many people assume that abortion is a social issue that arose in the modern era.  Nevertheless, abortive practices were common (and even varied) in the Roman Empire. This workshop will investigate the motives and methods of abortion in the ancient Roman context but also the responses of the early church.  As the New Testament scholar Bruce Metzger declared, “It is really remarkable how uniform and how pronounced was the early Christian opposition to abortion.”

The Guarantee No One Wants

Mrs. Gracia Burnham │ Ladies Only


Jesus said, “In this world, you will suffer tribulation.”  Besides more captivity stories, Gracia will encourage us to look beyond the hardships and see the beauty of carrying our cross.

Small Town Ministries

Pastor Jason LaFlamme 


This workshop will provide some “Do’s and Don’t’s” for Wild Game Dinners along with some other outreach ideas that have worked well in ministering to our small community.


For those who have questions, please contact Bri Harrier.